Finding Your X Environment

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Today I feel Total Gratitude for life! Being here makes my Spirit Sing and my Heart Rejoice.


I'm attending a 3-day festival in the Faroe Islands, called G! Festival. There is a lot of Music and People Enjoying Life. The scene is On The Beach and there are people Swimming in the Cold Ocean and relaxing in Hot Tubs.


There are All Kinds of People, families with children, young people, couples etc. Everybody looks Happy with a smile on their face even though It's Raining.

I'm a Volunteer at the festival, so we have this awesome lounge, where we can Hang Out when we're not working. There is food, drinks, coffee, and WIFI!


This got me wondering about how Lucky I Am, working as an Online Marketer. While I'm having a break in this Beautiful Lounge, I can literally Plug-In and Work, in the heart of a festival surrounded by Music and Happy People. How Great is That?!!


Well, I'm making it a short blog post today since I'm Going to a Concert in a while with some Icelandic Girls who apparently take almost all of their Clothes Off While Singing, that sounds Too Funny to Miss ;)

Wishing everybody a Great and Amusing Summer :D

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