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The first struggle when we decide to go on vacation usually is the price of the flight. Here I want to give you some advice based on my knowledge and my experience.

My first advice is to avoid peak seasons as much as possible but, sometimes, it is not possible, therefore the second advice would be: book in advance. Easy to say, but the question is: how long before the date of departure do I have to book? 

Actually, the law of supply and demand plays out huge in the travel business. Here's how it works. 

Airlines put their availability in a centralized travel system about eleven months in advance, with average prices based on demand the year before, or based on events during that time. Then, starting about six months out, destinations with less booking might see their prices drop. On the other side, the destinations that have just a lot of reservations will see price rise pretty quickly. Usually, that happens for popular destinations, high seasons or particular events such as fairs, sporting games, etc.

Basically, it's a game of load capacity.

The general rule of thumb for flying is that the more you pay for a flight, the fewer restrictions are placed on it, such as change fee.

My advice is looking from six to four months before, and be ready to book when it fits your budget, instead of waiting around for the perfect sale price. Many credit cards or Paypal, when you book through them give you an insurance against annulment or, at last, you can buy one (the cost is around 5% of the ticket price). Good tool to take back the money in case of an unfortunate event will happen (touch wood if you want!).

I use this system to check the ticket price: let's say I've decided of going to Tokyo next year. I start right now doing a search through Skyscanner putting not the real date of departure but date from four to six months from now because my intention is only to see the best price that I can find out. This quest allows me to have an idea about the price that I have to pay when I'll do the real research.

Another trick that I use when I buy the ticket is doing the search through Skyscanner or another search engine (it's up to you find the best in your country) and, when I find the best flight, normally I don't buy the best deal (usually it is sold by a reseller) instead, I will go to the airline official site and, if the price is not too higher I'll buy from them. I do that because, even if you book the cheaper ticket, you have more flexibility in case you need to change the date, food on board, early check-in, etc.

However, the main reason to buy through the airline official sites is the fact that in the case of problems with the flight such as delete, cancellation or, worst of all, strike the company takes care fist of their own clients. As, unfortunately, I had found out personally when, causing a strike in Buenos Aires, I saw my flight canceled and, at my request of information, a smiling ground hostess said to me - please, contact your travel agent -.


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