Gili Nanggu

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Gili Nanggu


Are travel who elts love’s the excitement of going on a new adventure, off to a new place, taste new foods, smell new smells, I get a big adrenalin rush just thinking about it.
As travel is and always has been, one of my passions since a child
My first trip over seas I was only 3 or 4 years old and mum & dad took myself, my sister in the VW combi through France to Spain .
Well that was it a new Wanderluster was born! Or is that made?
Either way I have been traveling as much as I can ever since I was old enough too travel by my self.
So I have many tales to tell . . . but this tale is all about GILLI NANGGU LOMBOK INDONEISA

About the island 

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Gili Nanggu is a tiny island in the Lombok group of Islands, its nestled in the south west corner ish aria of the islands
We started our journey with a bus from Legian Bali up to Padang Bali were we then jumped onto the fast boat to Lombok were we disembarked at Senggigi , here we had a driver meet us to drive south to our destination stopping for lunch of course on the way.
The road trip in Lombok was approximately 2hrs ish
The fast boat 1hr ish
The bus from Legian to Padang was also about 2hr ish
So in rough numbers we travelled 5hrs to our island paradise
FYI next time we go we will fly so much quicker and not much different in price
Arriving at Gili Nanggu was surreal as this island was totally something out of my dreams
We wanted an escape from the world and we had found it , the island is Only 12.5 HA in size with there own power supply, no WIFI, just perfect views and white sandy beaches,
There is endless snorkelling or diving if your a pro, kayaks , swimming, turtle conservation, bush / beach walks, island hopping boat trips.
Or just relax with a good book on your hammock on the beach

Our Experance on the island 

We did all of the above of course
Every morning we woke up early sat on our veranda coffee in hand watching the most beautiful sunrises. Not one let us down, totally worth getting up at silly o’clock for,

After sunrise we wandered up to the café/ restaurant for our Breakfast & our second or third coffee
Soon after brecky we were of in adventure mode exploring the islands walking trails and back beaches, of course PLOGGING as we go just can’t help our selves. And some ones gota pick up the rubbish it may as well be me


We found different adventures daily, helping with the baby turtles was a bonus treat there so damn cute
Agus (my husband) loved the snorkelling he looked so funny as he had never tried before this trip and really fell in love with it, Infact he was in the water so long I thought he had grown gills

FYI take your GO PRO for beach / under water photos we have since bought one

The accommodation was perfect so romantic, we stayed in the sea view Cottages which are two story traditional huts with grass roofing with a four poster bed and that beach view it just doesn’t get any better


The island also has its café/ Restaurant/ bar were we ate daily. The rooms don’t have fridges but they will put any fridge things you bring into café cool room


Our island hopping boat trip day was of course amazing we had so much fun, again snorkel in hand exploring many tiny islands and swimming for hours, stopping for a BBQ lunch at one of the island stops, beach combing, shell collecting & rubbish, photo taking, and just soaking up all the beauty of the Gili islands


Agus had a bonus treat on the island, as in the sea view cottage next door, to us was a Indonesian celebrity TV host. known as kick Andy, so my sole mate / husband was of course star struck. I on the other hand was stuck taking 1 million photos of not only my husband with Andy but all the Island staff, o well harmless fun and we all had a good laugh



Now I know your thinking how lovely this sound, your also thinking. . . but I cant do that . . . I have . . . or we don’t have . . .

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