Hidden Tricks Inside Flight Tickets

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Have you ever heard about 'dynamic pricing'?

Well, this is one of the most hidden tricks that many airline companies use when they sell online their tickets. How it works? Easy, by using cookies they check if you've visited before their sites, in this way they find out what you have looked at, then an algorithm sets the ticket's price accordingly; generally by adding a 10% or more because of their hidden policy that is following the supply and demand model.

What can protect us from this interference?

Actually, it is quite easy; before doing any search we have to do a simple wipe of our browser history and cookies. I use the Chrome browser, so what I do is this: I click 'Ctrl+H', this will open a 'history tab'. To clean my cache, I click the 'Clear browsing data' box and select 'cookies and other site plug-in data'. Then I click 'clear browsing data' to clear all my history. Done this I can do my search as a new client and have the best price possible for that day.

Another common trick that airline companies use is trying to segment business and leisure travelers. It means they tend to increase ticket's price when someone books a return ticket in working days. To avoid it is better to put the outward or the return on a weekend day. Usually, this simple change of date can save you up to 10%.

There are also many beliefs about the best day to book, but I'm not so sure that it's all true. Anyway, according to some the best day to book is Tuesdays for 'long-haul tickets', whilst it is Sunday for 'short-haul tickets'. Almost everyone agrees that you could be bagging a sweet bargain by booking late on night in the middle of the week because it seems that no many like doing it, so the price drops when there is no demand.

Lastly, there is a useful option that I find really rewarding in these last few years which is 'Airline fidelity card'. These cards usually are valid to collect points in all the airlines which are part of the same 'alliance'. It essentially means that you are not forced to travel with one company, but you can use every company of that 'alliance'. 

Now, taking into account that in the world there are three major alliance (Star Alliance, Sky Team, and One World), I have joined only three airline memberships, one for each alliance and in this way, I can collect points almost every time I fly, except some low-cost airlines.

Joining these fidelity programs are a great way to get free flights and sometimes free upgrades as it happened to me last January when, cause an overbooking in second class, my ticket was upgraded in business because I have the right fidelity card.


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