How To Stay Healthy When Travelling?

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Of all the things to remember when traveling, your health tends to take a back seat in the importance rankings. That's all well and good until you contract a severe stomach bug and are forced to cancel your daily activities in order to be close to the toilet or vomit bowl. What a huge waste of travel time!

Your health really is of prime importance to you and is something that can be easily maintained with a few daily practices and precautions. Prevention is better than cure, however, sometimes illness does happen, for which it's best to be well prepared. Read on to find out how to stay healthy when traveling.

1. Preparation

First, a visit to your GP or travel health adviser is absolutely essential at least 6 weeks before you go. They will go through your vaccination history, what new vaccinations you may need and also give advice on the locations you are going to with regards to taking necessary medications.

This is also a chance to review malaria zones, dengue fever, rabies, Zika and many more potential hazards posed to you on your travels. Any questions you have, make a list and take them to the doctor. They will be happy to answer questions and give general medical advice.

Next, pack yourself a first aid kit and a medical kit. First aid kits can be brought as a complete set in most supermarkets and pharmacies. Typical items include antiseptic wipes/spray, plasters, bandages, medical tape, and safety pins.

Medical travel kits likely need to be made from scratch, and include everything from painkillers, anti-diarrhea tablets, re-hydration sachets, ear plugs, potential antibiotics (if prescribed by a doctor) water distillation tablets, antihistamines, cold and flu tablets and many other items.

You should tailor this to your needs. I also put 'Deet' (anti-mosquito spray) into my medical kit. Don't forget sun cream and after-sun!