Living the Laptop Lifestyle.

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be Living the Laptop Lifestyle? If you haven’t then buckle up, because its about to blow your mind.

The Laptop Lifestyle, a hot and sexy term that is being thrown around a lot lately. Others refer to it as the digital nomad life, which is really just an exotic way of saying the same thing.
So, what does living the Laptop Lifestyle really mean?

Living the Laptop Lifestyle simply means that instead of working or running a business from an office, you do it remotely from anywhere using your laptop. In other words, it’s a business model that revolves around the internet and all you need to get going is a laptop and a Wi-Fi, literally!! Hence the term “The Laptop Lifestyle”.

So you can only imagine that with this remote nature of a Laptop Lifestyle comes a lot of flexibility. I’m talking not only geographic flexibility but also time flexibility to work whenever you want, whether that be at 6 am or more.

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