My Lightbulb Moment

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My Lightbulb Moment

 “The best part of getting lost is finding yourself”

I remember those days in the office where the days rolled by, another snooze button pressed, no motivation to get up for the downward dragging thought of the day ahead. The mechanical process of marching to the office knowing I was being timed to the dot for my 9am arrival. Sitting at my desk unable to exhume even the slightest hint of a personality for fear of being chastised for wasting company time.

My soul felt grey. Sludge-grey at best. My heart was heavy and I often cried on a Sunday night in the preparation routine for the week ahead.

I know I’m not the only one that’s been there, or for some, are still there!

Well, one day I just snapped. A seemingly insignificant issue happened in the office and that was the final straw. I decided to go for a walk to get some air and perspective on the matter but I found myself 3 hours later the other side of London and had no idea how on earth I got there.

I came-to while staring into a shop window in Covent Garden and that’s when I realized, I have to get the hell out. There is a better way to live my life and I’m going to find it! I just knew in my heart that if I take that first step then the next step would show itself to me.

So I went back to work and at the end of the day and subtly put my personal items from my desk into my bag, said my goodbyes for the day and went home with the full intention of never going back. I never looked back! 

The details are insignificant but needless to say that old familiar metaphor of the glass ceiling was definitely applicable in my case. 

I felt physically sick with anxiety and panic for a good few weeks while I transitioned and de-programmed my brain from employee to entrepreneur, re-wrote a business plan and began to execute it.  But I never looked back! Even though it was one of the hardest decisions and actions I’d ever taken I still had that innate feeling that it was the right decision and I was on course.

I was on YouTube recently when this video popped up telling me about this opportunity to build a business online, you don't need experience as they teach you everything you need to know, and you can sign up for a free trial. I was already int he mindset that I was ready to get retraining a new skillset so I thought, hey, I've got nothing to lose! So I signed up for this free se day video series that introduced me to what it's all about 

It's so important to know you're not alone! But sometimes we have to follow our own path to find our people, our community.  We are always growing, constantly evolving and therefore we just have to take that first step. The fear is always bigger in our heads than the action actually proves to be.

So here I am in the process of truly finding myself after feeling so lost and uncertain of what my future had in store for me. If I do say so myself, I was brave! I took that first step and I’ve launched myself into a new career learning a digital business so I can create my own lifestyle to work from home, or anywhere in the world providing I have a laptop and internet connection. And in this community, I've found my people! I truly don't feel alone anymore. There's a whole world of other me's out there and they are all looking for their other people too. 

I’m only human and yes, there is fear, but if I truly believe in myself then what do I really have to fear? Because fear only stems from the self-doubt that I can succeed.

Decide, Commit, Succeed.  


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