Our Learning Curve

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In school, a learning curve represented a position we each held in class, based on numbers.  Consider Einstein's quote in the picture, "Learning is an experience.  Everything else is information."  Given that we each have our own unique set of experiences in life, it makes sense that we each have our own individual "learning curve."  What are we learning, given that we constantly are having an experience?  Here's an important issue for me, am I learning to feel guided from within myself?  Does this guidance help me feel compassionate of myself and others; does it move me towards fulfilling my dreams; does it let me feel joy and appreciation in each moment; does it lead me to share my learning curve?  My learning curves towards answering those questions? 

A vision of my life lived freely lead to my involvement with SFM.  In another blog I mentioned learning technical information felt steep.  The steepness depends on my point of view.  When deep into the details, I found myself losing my broader perspective of my vision.  By broadening my point of view, I realized how the details fit into the bigger picture.  This gave me encouragement to continue to learn and apply the details.  Also, did I mention, SFM offers an abundance of support.  For more information about SFM, click below. 

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