Summer celebration in Sweden

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Good morning, Good evening, Good day!

Now we are half way trough the summer ... says the calender (and the turning of sun and earth). Last friday we celebrated Midsummer here in Sweden, this is a really big holiday here. Celebrating the summer is here ... :o

But actually, where are the summer?? Last night here in Gothenburg there was a storm with heavy rain. I couldn't sleep. But now it finally getting very close to vacation. Feels nice when the weather is this bad. So on Friday morning it's time to go to Crete for 2 weeks.

I have been a little bit of with my marketing lately. I still struggle, my biggest enemy right now is myself and my time. I am so tired after my ordinary work. I really want to get this business started so I hope that I will push myself to take the time necessary to get forward in my business.

I know what I need to do! I need to take actions every day. Do some marketing, do some blogging and listen to others. One more thing I need to do is to go trough all the material that are available for me. Do some small actions every day can make big progress. So ... now it's time to step up and make those small steps. I'll take it with me on my vacation. I'll try to do some blogging. I will also try to listen to the recorded meetings and webinares.

Are you also interested to join? Do you want to try to make a change in your life? Nothing comes for free. You need to work hard to get where you want.

If you still do the same things today and tomorrow as you did yesterday you will not get the changes.

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