The Comfort Of Settling For Less, With A Vision For More!

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It is one of the most common ways of life, setting for less because it is comfortable to do so…

Everyone has a vision of what their ideal life looks like, but the majority will not believe it is possible for them to achieve. I was definitely one of the majority with this mindset… I used to think working long hours, answering to the boss, stuck in the same place and living week to week was one day going to make me successful… I used to think i had no choice!

But I was wrong!

It took me a while, but I came to realise there is much much more to life once you actually take control and overcome the restrictions preventing you from living a Lifestyle Without Limit…

You really have two choices which will shape your future:

You can either choose to settle for comfortably and continue living the same as you always have Or you can take control with an open mind and be determined to achieve your ideal lifestyle regardless of the obstacles in the way…

Do you know the 3 key values to achieving your ideal lifestyle?

Resistance – Overcome your obstacles one by one

Persistence – Stay determined and remember your end goal

Consistence – Take positive and consistent action every single day

The more time and education you invest in yourself, the more opportunity there will be for success… Why not be the best you can be?

I was very fortunate to come across the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) who have completely helped me break out of my comfort zone and re-design my future with a business that I love and can operate from anywhere I choose…

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Luke James – Lifestyle Without Limit

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