The Foundation of Success

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What is the driving force behind all successful people in life? Contrary to popular belief success is not an overnight thing...

The Foundation of Success - Desire

All action is driven by desire, but following our desire alone will lead nowhere fast, and can often lead us feeling frustrated. All people in life, who have achieved success, have been blessed with, or developed, a burning, insatiable desire. I have been running around moving from one project to the next for my entire life, not achieving anything, all because I did not know what I really want. The problem is with the nature of the mind, latching onto this thing, then the next. 

Desires have come and, when I decided to act on them, usually at the point where I met the edge of my comfort zone, they left just as fast :-), and so I moved on to the next thing. Then I continue to justify to myself in my mind that I didn’t have the ability, the time, the money or whatever excuse Ican find, to quit and keep my ego intact…I know this procedure very well I have been executing it myself exquisitely for almost my entire life.

We need to take a good long look at ourselves, deep within ourselves, and find the answer to the question; what is it that I really want? One might say money, but dig a little deeper inside, and we may find that the desire for money is nothing more than a deeper underlying need for freedom, freedom to spend time with one’s family or freedom to travel. Or perhaps freedom from psychological insecurities about ourselves that we perceive money will remove.

For me I realised, after being completely honest with myself, that I have a longing to build self confidence, reduce anxiety and become inspired, to impact the world and have a big impact on the people in my world.

When we find what it is that really resonates deep within ourselves then, our deepest desire, perhaps for the first time, we will become emotionally attached to that. For me I found at first it was so important to maintain this desire/ ideal life in my awareness; to be conscious of it and maintain a focus on it. Then, as situations and decisions in life, and emotions came up, I found myself consistently taking the action and using my emotions in a way that would best support the progression towards fulfilling my desire.

It has often been quoted that man is only limited by his vision when backed by desire and faith.

The Foundation of Success - Faith


Faith is considered by many to be, alongside love, the most powerful emotion. The largest religion in the world is one based entirely on faith. When we believe in something with all of our being it provides us tremendous strength to attain our goals/ fulfill our desires.

Practically speaking, the more I have found myself engaging in positive thought patterns, the greater the intensity that thought takes. This is when habits begin to form and we can begin to replace negative thought patterns, that perhaps were not serving us so well in the past, into new positive habits that will be progressive in our pursuit towards fullfilling our desire.

So if we have a sincere belief that we can accomplish our goals, and fulfil our desires, then the positive state of self belief that we put into our subconscious mind each day, will grow and grow. The seemingly insurmountable obstacles that faced us before, shrink before us, and we begin to find solutions instead of looking at the problems, because we know we can conquer. As we progress towards fulfilling our desire, we become more inspired and have more belief, and that tendancy keeps getting stronger and stronger in the subconscious mind.

Thoughts of desire then begin, in time, to take their physical manifestation, due to our faith which drives our persistant and continuous action.

undefined The foundation of Success is this ability for us to maintain awareness of our deepest desire coupled with the steadfast belief that we can achieve it. This has tremendous power on the subconscious mind and habits will soon form that will allow us to take persistant action towards fulfilling our desire, thus increasing our faith that got us started to begin with and before we know it, we are smashing our goals and setting new ones.

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