The Woman Behind the Plastic Mask - Or Do Cybermen Really Exist?

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The Woman Behind Mask -Part One

I know that the title of this piece sounds a little confusing but bear with me and I will explain.  Twelve years ago my partner and I decided to learn Scuba Diving!  What at 49 & 3/4rs, I hear you say, YES, why not!  undefined

Scuba Training

We did our PADI training at a local school and decided that we would do the open water training somewhere warm (the British Waters being rather chilly).  undefined

As it was my 50th Birthday, a couple of months later, my partner had secretly booked to take me away to Tobago for a week.  How fabulous is he!!!  Anyway, when I eventually found out, I suggested that we do the open water training at the same time, so we booked it for the 3rd and 4th day of the holiday. I was working full time as a Conveyancing Manager so we could afford it in those days.


Tobago Here We Come

We stayed at the Turtle Beach Resort and it was fabulous although a little remote, our room was overlooking the beach. It was so relaxing watching the pelicans settle on the rowing boats on an evening just a few yards from our balcony.


Unfortunately, we were too early/late to see the turtles but the rest of the trip made up for it.  If you ever get to Tobago take a guided tour of the Nature Reserve it is beautiful but watch out for the flying ants. The tiny hummingbirds are so beautiful, Frank was wearing a Red t-shirt and they kept mistaking him for a large flower, they flew so fast and so close it was amazing.

undefinedLuckily we both passed our open water course, as you can see the instructor took a really flattering photo of us celebrating I just wish he had waited till I breathed in before he took it though! That's me on the left with the flabby jowls that look like gills.

Redundancy Loomed

Unfortunately, Redundancy about 18 months later in 2009, put a stop to the diving and we sold all our equipment.  Redundancy is like someone slapping you in the face because you feel surplus to requirements. Even though hundreds of others were also made redundant, you feel like it is just you. I went from a good salaried job as a Manager in the Corporate World, to be an unemployed 52-year-old woman. Signing on felt so degrading (even though it wasn't but it felt that way).  I was brought up, that if you work hard and do your job well you will be fine.  I had worked my way up the ladder from being a filing clerk at 15 to a Secretary, Administration Manager and then reinvented myself in my forties by doing a Part-time law Degree (five years of study) to become a Conveyancer and then Manager of a team.  

undefinedRedundancy was a big shift back to where I started down the bottom of the ladder, or so I thought.  I had lost everything I had worked hard to get. Although my partner Frank was still working times were tough and we eventually had to sell the house but it took 18 months. Did I really want to go back to college and learn a new trade, jobs were hard enough to find at my age and pay at an all time low, experience and life skills were ignored.  What do you do when you are 52 and can't find a job.  I tried just about anything going. Cleaning, Parcel Delivery and  Care work all on a self-employed basis. But, I discovered later, that there is life after redundancy and there are alternatives to working 9-5 for someone else. Eventually, I decided that if I was going to be self-employed I may as well work for myself doing something I enjoyed. I had learned Complementary Therapies over many years as it was a passion of mine and offered therapies in my spare time for friends and eventually paying clients.

Fast Forward to Today

I put what little money I had left into a Wellbeing Centre and here I am today working as a Self-employed Complementary Therapist.  I realised that there were certain things missing from my previous experience that I needed to help me to develop my business, I needed to find an educational platform that would show me how to reach out, not only to market my business but to get in touch with others who were like-minded and to showcase my skills and help others to develop too. I did find that platform but more on that journey at a later date.

So Where Do Cybermen Come In?  

Back to Cybermen, I still love to snorkel but I haven't managed to find another mask that fits as well as my original mask. I don't know about you but I hate water up my nose. Well, as you can see from the photo, the new Snorkel mask makes me look like a Cyberman although a 'friend' said it looked a bit like I had an Iron undefinedon my face!! Yes, she is still a friend.  

Maybe she's right!! undefined

I will be taking it on my holiday to Turkey in a couple of weeks and will keep you posted as to whether it works or not. Nose plugs at the ready just in case. 

Part two will be coming soon so keep reading.  Also, let me have your comments and any of the above.  Were you made redundant, how did you feel, what have you done since then or plan to do in the future?  If I can help or guide you in any way, please get in touch.


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