From Corporate World to Lifestyle Influencer

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Beach days in Bali, pasta and red wine in Italy, sailing the Mediterranean! Who wants to come with me?

Seriously though, why can’t every day feel like a vacation day? Why do we conform to working 8-hour days and making large corporations millions of dollars’? This is something that has been eating away at me. It especially bothers me in my current employment. I work long hours, I'm restrained to a desk, I get loads of recognition for what I deliver to the business but never a pay increase, never any opportunity to upskill or get that promotion.

I only get 4 annual leave weeks a year to indulge in my passion for travel and 2 of them are made compulsory to take over the busy and expensive Christmas break. 

I find myself mentally drained and the thought of feeling like this for the next 20-30 years scares the bejusus out of me!

I want time freedom, I want to explore the world, I want to my work my own hours and I want to write my own pay check!

What is stopping me from doing it? What is it stopping you?

I’ve decided I have absolutely nothing in my way of making this shift. Nothing. Zilch. Zip! Mindset is all I need and a really BIG WHY!

So, what is my WHY?

My why is simple. I want to live in Bali. I want to wake up and take long walks on the beach. I want to live in a pool villa for half the cost of renting in Australia and I want to spend my days in the sunshine and not under fluorescent lights.

Bali isn't somewhere a westerner can make a good living but there is a solution! and that is getting online!

The digital economy is booming. I mean, what don’t we do online these days? We can order our groceries, have a new pair of shoes arrive on our doorstep, pay those dreaded bills, chat to friends, we quiz google on random questions and let’s admit it, we have all done a bit of stalking of an old ex at some stage yeh? 

So why can't I do all of that and earn an income all from my laptop and from anywhere I choose. 

This year I really started to explore that opportunity. It's like a big pot of gold just waiting for me to reach out and grab it with 2 hands! 

It was when I got my mindset right that everything seemed to come together. It really is crazy how the universe works. I introduced meditation into my daily routine and swapped out TV in the evenings to listening to motivation podcast’s and you tube video's. 

I started listening to the likes of Abraham Hicks, Dr Wayne Dyer and Tony Robbins. The Law of Attraction is a powerful thing! and I'll write a blog on this and go more into depth with my experiences but it was one night when I was watching You Tube and an advertisement came on. I'd been asking the universe for guidance for a while now, wanting to live a more relaxed lifestyle but just didn’t know how to make it happen. 

Like many of you, I impatiently count down the 5 secs before I can skip past the advert and get stuck into the video but this time something caught my attention. A couple, travelling around Australia in their campervan with their 4-year-old daughter and earning an income along the way. That's right! working from the beach, from beautiful coastal destinations with stunning views and having the money to do it! 

It was a sign! and it turned out to be exactly what I had been asking the universe to lead me to and I haven't looked back since!

Bali! here I come! 

I've set myself up for the challenge. I'm prepared to work during the pockets of my time and do the research and planning to get everything up and running. This is my dream! Why wouldn't I want to put in the hard yards now to create my vision of a Bali lifestyle. 

Life is what you make of it! Take a risk, do something different, why not come on this journey to time and financial freedom with me - you won't look back!

With passion xx


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