Traveling lifestyle with my kids,

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"Like Chimes in the Wind"

Traveling with my kids, the best years of my life.

Networking, business meetings, hotels and zoo's. Beaches and shopping malls, time out to play ball.

Did we make it to the top? Nobody knew.

Did we enjoy the journey along the way? Absolutely, are you?

Would I change any of it today? Not one bit.

The Journey,

As I look back at what I thought was a place of lack. I now see the blessings start to come back.

My children grown, my in-laws, their seeds all sown.

The great times and the laughter all ring like "chimes in the wind"

We shared so many dreams young and old, new and gold.

It wasn't the way we planned it, but the Universe had a hand in it.


Its not like I failed to plan or planned to fail. Sometimes the best laid plans just don't prevail.

I'm supposed to be right where I am for now.

My aging father, I serve him breakfast, lunch and dinner.

My eldest daughter, a son in law too.  Such a joy with my grandkids ages four and two.

My youngest daughter in college, we meet for supper, catch up on her life and adventures.

My dog getting older, my cat still a roamer.

I've watched all my brothers kids and sisters too. While they all built their careers and have jobs to do.

Its just where I am.

Now I'm learning in between everything I can, to step into my new story. With husband still in hand, the internet it seems holds the key to my dreams and the secret to my glory.

Its just who I am.

Learning to blog, do video, I pod and ezines, bitmoji and instagram, facebook and google. With marketing systems, services and academies who knows where this will all go.


This is just where I am.

I don't know, maybe you've been here too. Maybe you don't know what to do. Try it or share it instead. I just wanted to do something before I was dead. So take it and run with it or try something new. Do something you've always wanted to. Be sure that it helps someone, won't you.

This is just where I am.

I visualize day by day and take plenty of action along the way. Leaders they say, do things this way.

  1. Learn do and teach in your own authentic way.
  2. Mastermind with other leaders and make events a part of your day.
  3. Develop yourself they say, read and listen
  4. Develop your vision
  5. Meditate and take action, less reaction and don't forget the reflection.

    Here is a little direction, Just allow and believe and do the work and the money you will receive.

This is just where I am.

Now aging myself, fearful of an unknown future.

Wanting to be self sufficient and financially abundant.

So grateful for the many opportuninites that have presented themselves to me.

Now belief in myself is imparative.

Growth and confidence once gained now must be reestablished.

Yet with added experience and wisdom I am intrigued.

 A learning curve still to master, but master I will.  

These things I will acheive. So that one day I am , I will, become, just chimes in the wind.

Thanks,  feel free to share your thoughts. Perhaps you relate to these words or you know of someone who does. Please share this with them. Love to you, Logan 

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