Traveling With Love - Getting Unstuck

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I want to start by saying:  Thank you for simply being you…you are absolutely, positively more than enough. I started with this because honestly, I am truly thankful.

Do you ever get stuck?

That’s probably a loaded question huh? I’m sure you’ve experienced being stuck in some way, shape or form in your Life at some point.  Whether it’s a big decision, your job, your marriage or even a blog post; getting stuck is par for the course.  The trick is how to get unstuck. 

In this post, I would like to offer you tips on how to get unstuck. I will be using “starting a blog post” as my example but the ideas can be translated and used in any situation in your Life.   

Getting Unstuck

Let’s take the following example: You have something you are passionate about and things to say but when you decide to take this passion to the next level; you sit with a blank piece of paper or clear Word document…and nothing.

Please remember, you are probably stuck because even though you believe what you have to say would be beneficial to other; you end up doubting yourself or some variation of this. Let’s focus on three (3) major concerns that may be causing this doubt:

  • No particular direction or not knowing where to start;
  • Not knowing whether anyone would get anything from or even want to hear what you have to say;
  • Wanting, desperately, to be as authentic and “real” as possible.

Now, how do you address these concerns?

Simply writing out these thoughts will give you an understanding of how to answer them.  I don’t know if this will be the case every time but taking your thoughts (4th Dimensional) and putting them down on paper or on computer (3rd Dimensional) will helped tremendously…hmmm! I will be addressing the 3rd and 4th dimensional thing in another post.

When you write, speak and/or video your thoughts, you can then see them more objectively; as though, you are outside of yourself.  In other words, get out of your own head and you will begin to get out of your own way. 

Btw, this answers concern #1 and you have heard this simple direction before (me too), just do it.  Planning and all that stuff can and will come in time, but in the beginning my suggestion is to throw all that out and simply write from an intuitive place.  If you are wondering where that intuitive place is; well, no one can tell you where it is you just have to find it by just doing it!

Try it for yourself to see if it works.  Please understand, I am sharing my thought and truth; so, if something I share helps you in anyway; it means this blog has achieved what it was intended to achieve.  This, by the way, answers #2 of my three concerns above. You may never know whether anyone would get anything from or even want to hear what you have to say but if you just do it (put it out there) then you give other the opportunity to take something you say and help themselves. This is very powerful. 

And wouldn’t you know it as I answer #1 and #2, you will realize the answer to #3. While answering #1 and #2 as honestly as possible and to your reader through this process; you are being as authentic and “real” as you will know how to be. Honestly, you can't ask for much more than this because this is exactly what you were wanting to be...authentic.

Traveling with LOVE

So, how does all of this fit into a family travel blog site?  In a word, PERFECTLY!  Originally, I was thinking of traveling in terms of only the physical aspect of it.  But there is so much more to it.  We travel in so many ways (i.e. mentally, parentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc.) but in all of this there is one, single unifying point…YOU!  Learn to Love all aspects of it because all of it is there for YOU!

Not sure any of this makes sense to you because, honestly, I don’t completely understand it all myself. But, honestly, I don't have to because I am speaking my truth…intuitively.

What’s your truth?  Care to share it?  Remember, get out of your own head and you will begin to get out of your own way!

To me: This is what Traveling with LOVE is all about!

BONUS 1:  I am a huge fan of Abraham Hicks.  Check out her video about how to get unstuck:


BONUS 2: This isn't about how to get unstuck per se, but it is one of the best guided meditations I have ever encountered.  It will help you tap into that intuitive YOU I spoke of earlier.  It's by Alan Watts. Enjoy!


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