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We were in Phuket Thailand on a business reward trip. The first day we arrived my wife had heard about the Thai Message being so great, so we booked a message at the hotel for the following day.

One of our collegues who had been down to the beach came back and told us about getting a message right on the beach for $12. U.S. the one we had booked was $125 U.S. so we cancelled that one and went to the beach to check it out.
All you had to do was go down there pay your money and get this great message looking out at the beach from a platform on the beach.

We had a great time and figured we could get a message every day for the price we would pay at the hotel for one message.

This one particular day we were both on the mats, face down getting our message. You become so relaxed that you are almost asleep. There had been hawkers on the beach selling all kinds of things most of which we just ignored.

Pat was almost asleep, or maybe sleeping when she felt a tap-tap-tap on her back, she figured that it was someone wanting to sell her something, so she just ignored it.

Again the tap-tap-tap on her back, she finally decided to look and had a very unique surprise because standing beside her while she was facedown on the matt was a baby elephant and his trainer, the baby elephant was trained to do the tapping. Everyone who was watching had a big laugh when they saw her reaction.

She wasn't really frightened because the night before we were at a welcome reception and we had pictures taken with this baby elephant which we knew was very well trained and very used to being around people.

Still it was a surprise to turn over and see this elephant standing beside you.

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