What happens when you Trust your Gut

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This week was quite an up and down for me… more emotionally then anything, because everything that happened was positive, but my constant worrying just always puts me in this “bad place.” Even feeling low, I made some calls to attend an upcoming training, which already happens next Monday and I figured I’m too late already… but read on to hear how it all worked out!

Event Registration: Was processed without any problems!

Hotel: Was able to change everything without any problems!

Flight: I called United Airlines because I wanted to change the flight date of my purchased ticket. I knew that it was one of those cheap tickets and that it actually doesn’t allow changes, but I figured I ask anyway. I spent about 15 minutes on hold before speaking to an agent. When inquiring about the ticket the answer was NO and even after pleading that I would pay for the change the answer stayed NO.

I was really pissed off… so I talked it over with my partner… we came up with the idea that I could purchase a one-way ticket for my outbound and use United’s ticket to come back. I therefore called again to find out if that would be possible, because you never know if they would cancel your ticket if you don’t use the whole thing.

After another 15-minute hold, I get to an agent and before I knew it, I asked her to change my ticket, although the other agent advised that it was impossible. And you won’t believe what happened, she said “please stay on the line, I’ll check with my supervisor!” Not only did she change my flight date, I didn’t even have to pay a change fee!!!! Like WHATTTT, how was this possible. I went with my gut asking for the change again and got it done without any hassle… AMAZING!

Trust your Gut

So even if you sometimes feel like it’s not going the way you want, don’t give up, try again or think of a solution rather than worrying that nothing is going right!

Trust in yourself and go for it!

Please let me know if you ever had a wonderful experience like this one or how you have responded in a stressful situation.

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