Workaway France 2011 Part 3

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Workaway France 2011 Part 3

Cautirac- Workaway

Our workaway adventure continues...........

If you have read workaway France 2011, Part 1and 2 you would have read about the amazing workaway experience we had in Marciac. 

My partner Karl and I, have learnt new skills and knowledge, had a Superfantastic time and have been inspired by Jane and Marek. We have experienced some of what Marciac has to offer and we are not disappointed in any way shape or form, our workaway experience in Marciac has delivered more than we could possibly ever want! 

We have had Christmas in France for the first time ever!

We have learnt new skills and knowledge and have been hands-on with renovating an old barn

We have been inspired to want to work with wood, it's great doing something we love to do!

We spent three weeks with Jane and Marek in Marciac, before moving on to Michelle and RC's in Cautirac in France.

Thank you, Jane and Marek!

Cautirac France

We were sad to leave but excited about our next workaway experience, we finally arrived in Foix

Foix is a beautiful place, but everything closes at 9pm

When we arrived in Foix, it was getting late, not knowing exactly where we were going was quite nerve-racking. We continued on with the directions we were given by Michelle, which was very clear and precise.

After driving through Foix, we headed up the mountain, it seemed like the mountain road was never-ending, by this point we really excited and nervous at the same time. At one point we thought we were going the wrong way, but that was not the case. We continued on until we saw the sign for Le Poulsieu, "We have arrived"! Karl said I replied "look how beautiful the landscape is", which Karl replied "look at all the trees" the property is surrounded by a forest and we could just see a light briefly through the trees.

We continued forward until we saw the house!

Upon our arrival, the front door opened and out came Michelle and her Mum Elva, we all instantly took a liking to each other, from that moment on Karl and I was referred to as the children, by Michelle's Mum Elva.

Michelle showed us to our accommodation which was a quaint little gite, with a log burner, Michelle had prepared us a lovely hot meal and we had enough food and drink to last us for ages.

Our Gite


That evening, we had a lovely hot meal and chillaxed in front of the log fire

The next morning we were rearing to go, we could not wait to get started, Michelle showed us around and then we set a plan of action.

During our workaway experience here, we learnt even more skills and knowledge and we seemed to play with water quite a lot, especially in the Winter, I think that had something to do with being on source.

We helped with everything from gardening to painting, Michelle and her family made us feel like we were part of the family and we were having a Superfantastic time!

One of Michelle's passions was working with wood, and we were always coming up with new wooden projects. The picture above is of the Children's playhouse that we built using offcuts. 

This is the bench that we made

We also made the water feature and the wall using stones from the land.


We were having the time of our life!

I will continue this story in Workaway France 2011 part 4

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Have a Superfantastic Day!


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