Workaway France 2011 Part 4

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Workaway France 2011 Part 4

Workaway Cautirac France 2011 - Continues............

Every day of workaway is different for u,s we were always working on different projects, that is what we loved about here. We had lots of plans and ideas, one of these ideas was to build some steps up to the house, using the stones from the land. 

We thoroughly enjoyed this as we collected the stones using a quad bike and trailer it was awesome!


We would use the quad bike to go into the forest and collect wood, Karl is a qualified tree surgeon so he is able to use a chainsaw. He would cut down the dead trees, as this made for excellent firewood, we would then load up the trailer, and take the wood to the log stores.

We also used the quad bike to make a snow pull to clear the driveway!

Me on the quad bike


We would also go exploring the land on the quad bikes!

Having a Superfantastic time!


Wooden projects

This is my wine bottle stand made from some wood that was destined for the fire pit


I worked on this wine stand when I was not helping out, I gave this to RC for his Christmas present he really appreciated it!

It's amazing what you can do when you're focused and determined to follow through on something that you set out to do!



We love to work in the gardens too, Michelle and I were always looking for new plants at the market.

We would also take cuttings from shrubs that we already had, it's a great way to get free plants and it's really rewarding when you see what you have achieved.

We also built a huge vegetable patch that had to be high enough to keep the deer out, the first time we built one it was not high enough. Michelle and I went down to see the progress of the vegetables when we got down there, we were not prepared for what we saw, Michelle turned to me and said" I think the deer beat us to the vegetables Em" the deer had got in and had pretty much-eaten everything! 

Speaking of deer, we had a family of deer that were always down by the apple tree, it was the most amazing site to see them all gathered around. seeing the deer in Rutting season was very interesting but noisy, that is an experience on its own.

 We were all standing there watching the deer when we heard a noise, similar to a stag, but not quite the same as a stag, I turned to Karl and said "look there's a stag down there", which everyone laughed at. We had some guests, who thought they would pretend to be a stag, down in the boggy field, it was hilarious.

The joke turned out to be on them, as they got stuck in the mud, lost a shoe, and were laughing so much, that one of them wet their self.

It was funny at the time!

On that note, I will leave it there, our adventure will continue in workaway France 2011 part 5

Our trip to Andorra!

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