Workaway France 2011 Part 6

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Workaway France 2011 Part 6

Adventure to Cascade d'Ars

Our workaway adventure continues...........

"Wow Wow Wow", so far on our workaway adventure we have done so much!

That is hardly anything, don't forget we were here for 2 and half years. 

so in my last blog, I mentioned Cascade d'Ars this is a stunning waterfall in Aulus - Les - Bains 

If you love walking, stunning natural scenery, being at one with nature, breathing the fresh mountain air, then this is for you!

"I have taken this photo pictured above that really captures the beauty of these stunning waterfalls, but there is nothing better than experiencing it for yourself"

Cascade d'Ars

Once again, we are off on an adventure, this time my brother Anthony has joined us, the weather is on our side, it is a beautiful sunny day, we have a picnic to take, the camera is charged, and we have all the necessary equipment in the car so we are ready for our day trip!

"Off we go," I say to Karl and Ant, we were all really excited and looking forward to visiting the Cascade d'Ars,

The question is did we get there that day or not?

Let's just say it didn't go according to plan, remember in my last blog, I said to remember to do three things!

Plan for everything!

Never give up!

Always expect the unexpected!

Well, we did that!

So we are driving through the beautiful mountain range, enjoying the stunning landscapes and scenery that the French Pyrenees has to offer and we see a beautiful lake with a cafe and we decide to stop and take a look.


We have a lovely walk around the lake and have a drink in the cafe, we then go back to the car and turn the key to start the car.

"Oh My goodness!" I say out loud, we couldn't believe it, we were not going anywhere! The car was completely dead. 

We try a few more times, nothing, my brother says " that's not good," which Karl replied "no it isn't" I said, "what are we going to do?" we all turn to each other and say, "let's call Michelle"

So we did, and Michelle came to our rescue, with the towing equipment, also two other guys on motorbikes tried to help us, but had no luck!

Michelle arrived and we tried the towing eye, would you believe it, the towing eye was the wrong size, it did not fit, and that came with the car from the garage, so we were not impressed, it was only a Ford KA but we never thought to see if the towing eye was the right size. 

So we had to leave our car there for a week before we could get a trailer transporter, and retrieve it with our Mitsubishi Pajero. so we did not get to Cascade d'Ars that day!

Second attempt! 

Cascade d'Ars take two

So off we go again, this time we take the Mitsubishi Pajero, we manage to get past the cafe with the lake, and we do finally arrive at Cascade d'Ars. 

So we set off up the mountain, the weather was sunny and hot, but we had plenty of water to drink. I wouldn't say I was appropriately dressed for walking or hiking, and I got some very strange looks.

I had a skirt, with flip-flops and a boob tube, everyone else had hiking shoes or boots, shorts or trousers and a tee shirt. 

I felt like a right idiot, but I managed to get to the top! no injuries with my flip-flops.

The hike up there was not the easiest, the terrain was quite rocky, but the scenery was well worth it! 

"It's such an achievement when you get to the top!"

We made use of as much time as we possibly could, had a lovely picnic, we took lots of photos, paddled our feet in the water and just relaxed, taking in the mountain air, the stunning scenery and the best part was to be at one with nature spending precious quality time with Karl and my brother Anthony. 


so after a lovely day at the Cascade d'Ars, we head back down the mountain, it takes a while, but we get back down eventually. 

You are not going to believe it, we only have a puncture in one of the back tyres!

"Oh well, we have a spare tyre, so we change it and head home"

So we were prepared for our journey on both occasions, but it has taught me never to take things for granted and to check everything! 

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Have a Superfantastic Day!




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