How an African Immigrant became an Online Entrepreneur

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    You never expect to lose your job all of a sudden and be thrown in the deep end. Not only did that happen to me, it happened just before I got married in 2008 and our first baby was on the way. This was in Lagos Nigeria. After a few rough months my wife and I decided to start afresh in the United Kingdom. We had to sell everything we had to raise money. The plan was for me to travel ahead, settle in and she, join me afterwards.

 So on the 14th day of February 2009, instead of spending that Valentine's day with my beloved wife and our precious baby girl Paris, I was leaving both of them behind at Lagos International airport, while I had to board into my KLM flight heading to Manchester, United Kingdom. I felt sad being separated from the two people I loved so deeply, but at the same time I had great expectations for a new beginning for us in the UK. And it was with mixed feelings I left the world I had known to be home since my birth. 


  The minute I stepped out of the airport the cold winter wind froze my skull and knuckles. I was thirty two years old at the time, and had never felt anything that cold my whole life. It was not my first trip to Europe either. I had travelled to Germany and the Netherlands some few years before, but that had been during the summer season. So this was my first thirst of Europaen winter. Welcome to Manchester, England.

 It was a brand new world to me. I felt like Alice in wonderland exploring the strange land she discovered down the rabbit hole. My elder brother Aaron, who had just completed his Masters degree programme at the University of Manchester, picked me up from the airport. It was great seeing his ever smiley face, after passing through the not too friendly lady at passport control. I could not wait to run into the city and uncover all the possibilities I had running through my head.

 I fell in love with the city instantly. Quaint red brick houses lined the narrow roads. The only anomalies were that cars had their steering wheels on the right hand side and drove on the left hand side of the road - the opposite of what I was used to.


 The very next day, after settling in Aarons basement apartment, I began looking for a job. I had experience as a Marketing Manager and a short stint being a Realtor, back in Nigeria. But to my frustration all applications made needed someone with a UK experience. After one month, I had to settle for a commissioned based direct marketing job based in Salford area of Manchester. This involved travelling to a new city or town every day to sell ''Talk-Talk'' (A telephone and internet broadband service) to potential customers. Tough job. I learnt fast.

  My wife and daughter, Philian and Paris came over in April that year. I was ecstatic when they came out from the luggage delivery. Paris was six months old now. Out in the field the thought of those two lovely faces had been the drive I needed to do whatever it took to make sales.

We rented a two bedroom flat shortly afterwards. But I was spending way too much time away from my young family and my earning was not sustainable enough to cover all family expenses. I quit the job. There were no ready available jobs in England, Scotland however, seemed to have some promise. This was at the heart of the global recession of 2008/2009. I had to leave Philian and Paris again, and moved to Edinburgh Scotland to seek a proper job. 

 Edinburgh. Beautiful city. With a massive Castle right at the heart of the city. Bubbling with rich history and culture. I quickly found myself a retail job in Edinburgh working long night shifts. And a few months afterwards, December 2009 to be precise, my family joined me yet again. Yes!


I worked hard, took up a second job, saved money and became self employed in 2012. Became a Footballers agent, opened up a grocery store and started selling T-Shirts online. It was a bit more than I could chew. I was not having enough sleep, spending hardly anytime with my family and regularly stressed out and unhappy.

 Sold the grocery store off in 2014, refused to renew my Football Agents license and stopped the T-Shirt business to get my life back. Went into Project Management training in order to get back into working 9-5. Attained the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification in November 2015. But still felt trapped and unfulfilled.

FREEDOM     How an African Immigrant became an Online Entrepreneur

 I kept searching for a way out. I knew there was something out there I could do to be able to have a great income and be there for the ones I love. Come 2017, it happened. I faced my fears and clicked on an advertising link. Finally, I found it.

Now I am working from my laptop from home. Have enough time to spend with my family. Also, feel so much peace and fulfilment. Enjoying life’s great moments.

 I feel so grateful and blessed right now. And want to use this opportunity to give back by directing you to this same Free video series, that would guide you step by step on how to set up your online business from home.

If I knew back then in 2009 what I do now, I would never have left Nigeria. Why? Because you can set up this business from anywhere in the world. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. You don't need any experiene, beause you will be thought from scratch. The best part of it is that you start earning while you learn. You will get introduced to Stuart Ross, the same mentor that thought me. You decide. Click on the link below to begin. See you at top.

 - Atama Oteze.   CEO - Digital Lifestyle Serve.


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