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I am proudly a South African. Born in 1966 and have some life experience. I have worked in HR Management and Development for about 20 years. To escape from the rat race we bought a restaurant in the beautiful Western Cape, just to soon realise that we do not have any free time to enjoy our lifes. Soon we sell the restaurant and find ourselves back in our hometown. Doing Freelance Facilitation for a year, it was a struggle to make ends meet and I was searching for a way to create an alternative income. This is when I started my digital marketing career (never too old to start a new career). I have started my journey in November 2020. This is a new journey for me and I realise if I want to make this work I need o reskill myself by learning some Digital Skills, which is a steep learnng curve. I am positve and set some goals for the future. I am looking forward to a future where I will have freedom , time as well as be financially independant. This is my new LAPTOP LIFESTYLE