Sarah Aj.

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Hey, Welcome to my common-sense corner!
I am a Life Student, I love learning. My family and I live in
The USA, the suburb of Chicago. As I discover my purpose in life,
I found out that my motivation does not necessarily come from material success or recognition in as much as I cherish them for what they are, rather my lack of fulfilment in my career over the years as I have come to discover is rooted on my desire to be true to myself and to live my life in ways that demonstrate my personal values and beliefs.
That’s why I became an affiliate with the SFM – The Six Figure Mentors and the Digital Expert Academy. I I am a family-oriented person who values relationships. I value making a difference in people’s life, in any way possible. I derive a special joy in helping people mostly the less privileged ones. My background in Human Services and study in Psychology, have thought me a lot about human beings. And I have equally been privileged to work directly with both the low/high functioning individuals, and my experiences in serving and knowing them, and working with children remains so precious in my life.