4 Methods to Motivate Yourself Again.

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Everybody loses motivation at some point in their lives and maybe you've now come across that point now. Maybe its from being at a job that drains your energy or maybe it's from a long sequence of unfortunate events, it happens. It takes true strength, true heart, to keep up the energy to keep pushing forward and continue to be motivated. Here are methods to keep you determined and hungry to become great.

1. EXERCISE: Exercising for more then 30 minutes a day distracts you from the negative when you're busy burning energy, but instead of counting how many reps you're doing (How many times you're lifting) Repeat one or all of these phrases. "I have what it takes", "I can do this", "I can't give up", "I won't give up", " I'm Amazing", "Focus", "I have to keep going", "I won't quit". When you repeat these phrases in your head, you're training your mind also to truly believe in yourself, and when you believe in yourself you stay motivated.

2. AVOID NEGATIVE PEOPLE : Negative people, GET RID OF THEM!! Listening to someone complain or just say negative things drains energy mentally, and you might be low on that already. When somebody says "You're beautiful" or "You're handsome" you feel better because it's positive, but negative remarks obviously has the opposite effect. Negativity effects how you think logically to solve problems and come up with solutions as well as adding more stress to you. You don't need negativity, You don't deserve negativity, You deserve better than that. 

3. DEEP BREATHS AND STRETCHING: You probably have too much work and kids to take care of, so you say "I don't have time for the gym to motivate myself " That's ok, instead try this. Get 10 minutes to Yourself, away from noise, and start deep breathing and stretching. Taking Deep Breaths increases the amount of parasympathetic ( You probably just skipped that word) nervous system, which promotes a state of calmness and Stretching increases the blood flow to your muscles improving circulation, relieving stress and relaxing tense muscles. So basically it's Yoga only you don't need to pay an intructor to do it. Doing this will help you to focus again on what you need to do.

4. YOU TRULY HAVE WHAT IT TAKES! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!! You've come so far! You're Immense, trials come to everybody, everyday, but YOU have what it takes. You've overcome the odds before and YOU can do it again. YOU will walk through the fire, and the flames will not set you ablaze because you've withheld them before! Believe in Yourself, you're just as smart, if not smarter than the people on this earth. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

You were born because you win.

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