Blogging Content Strategy - How I discovered mine listening to Pink.

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No you haven't misread the title, it does say Pink and not Punk and I wasn't huge fan of the former until one evening back in January.

At the end of 2016 I set myself a target to be financially independent within three years. When I decided to embark on this journey I have to admit that I had never even read a blog let alone considered the possibility of starting my own. So before I wrote my first ever article back in January I trawled the internet trying to find advice about how to write a successful blog. There are some good content writing tips here on the Digital Bloggers website.

One recurring piece of advice was be consistent and this is logical if you want to build a relationship with your audience and create a loyal following. There are several ways you need to be consistent, however in terms of how often you post whatever you decide make sure you stick to it. If not it's possible your audience may think you may have decided to stop posting or maybe even fear the worst.

It would appear that the main reason for lack of consistency is subject matter and the best way to counter this lack of ideas is to establish a content strategy. This is not to be confused with a distribution/marketing strategy, which is essentially how to put your blog posts in front of your target audience. This is a different subject entirely and one which I may try and cover in a future blog.

Establishing my own blogging strategy happened purely by luck sitting in a friends living room one evening. Music was playing in the background when a lyric from a tune hit me right between the ears and made me sit up and take notice. I had inadvertantly discovered my strategy listening to a Pink song and clearly my friend thought I had lost the plot and he probably still does. Now I don't want to turn this post into a Pink tribute but needless to say I am now a bona fide fan and I have put a link to this track on YouTube below. This live acoustic version makes me quite emotional for reasons you might understand from the song and my own personal circumstances at the time. I think it really highlights her incredible vocals, hope you enjoy it.


Establishing content strategy

This might seem a little daunting to the complete blogging novice and there is a lot of advice out there to sift through on this subject, so here are the ones I have found to be the most useful if you are considering starting your own:

Be yourself.

There are millions of people posting content on the web, sometimes on a daily basis and although the quality varies dramatically, I and probably many others contemplating starting a blog thought to myself 'Why would anyone be interested in me?'

We are essentially social animals so we love to converse with other human beings and the majority of us also have an innate interest in other people and their lives and the stories they accumulate along the way. Each of those stories is a individual as our faces and that is what makes us interesting to some other people. So the best way to be different is just be yourself.

Who do you want to talk (write) to?

You will notice that I have highlighted the word some because it is a stark reality that there will be billions of people that will never read this post or want to should they even know about it. As the saying goes 'Try and speak to everyone and no one will hear you.' Accept this fact and establish who your audience is, after all I am fairly certain you are not interested in what everyone else has to say.

What do you want to say to them?

My own blogging strategy with a little help from Pink is to digitally document my journey to financial independence three years from now. So find some common ground with the people you want to communicate with, share an experience and deliver some insight into a subject that they want to know more about and this is where the magic can happen.

As I said at the beginnning of the article, there are many places on the www you can find advice about blogging do's and don'ts; how to build followers, monetise etc. If you are really serious about giving up your day job and making a living from full time blogging, in my opinion you would be hard pushed to find better advice than from Chris Guillebeau. Click on the link below to get access to his free (pdf) book '279 Days to Overnight Success'. His blog 'The Art of Non-Conformity' (AONC) with just this title alone made me want to read and keep coming back for more. I will make a point to contact him and who knows, one day I may even get to meet up with him on his travels. 

In summary, writing this blog is just one part of a process of discovery and I my aim is to connect with like minded individuals by sharing my own story and maybe more importantly, other peoples and hopefully encourage others to start their own journey. I have three fairly simple rules:

1. One article every two weeks.

2. Approximately 1000 words.

3. Be myself.

Finally If you want to write good articles, my advice would be keep your eyes and particularly your ears open as you just never know when someone or something just might resonate and make a connection with you. When I post my next one it will be from Portugal so hopefully I will be able to report some finer weather than the rather cool start to the British summer, so until we meet again...

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