Life is About More than Money

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But It’s good money … is something I hear my coworkers say a lot. What do they really mean by it? One women, who is a server in another restaurant and used to work in mine, said the reason she transferred is to have more of a life before coming into work. Now she comes in 3 hours later because her restaurant she works for is only open for dinner. I asked her if she has more of a life since her switch. She can sleep in a couple extra hours, and that’s about it. She does make more money. So, she works less hours and makes more money. Relatively about 20% advantage for both, which for her equates to “more of a life”

What are they really saying? They make enough money to justify all the other sacrifices they make in life: a commute to work every day, the repretory pattern of get up, go to work, get home, go to sleep then repeat this pattern day after day, week after week. And a boss they don’t like. What they really want is more from life then their job can offer. They just don’t tell you that part, when they say, “But it’s good money”. The “But” in the phrase is the key distinction.

Dig a little deeper and you find out they don’t believe they can do better, because who would sacrifice the incredible experiences life should offer you for less then what you really believe you can achieve. What are you sacrificing because the money is good enough? Why do you not believe life has more to offer? The truth is you can have the life you dream of. You do not have to settle for where you are at. Next time, someone will be captivated by the story of what you do for a living, and you can end with the phrase “It’s really good money”.    

You can learn from those in our online community who are either already living, or in the process of creating their ultimate 'digital life'. Let us explain in a video series on how to make a great living online while doing something you are passionate about, something you love, even if you have no idea where to start.


Through your social footprint of facebook and twitter and instragram, you are closer than you think to becoming an omniprenuer.  With just a few more tools and insights, you will be traveling freely.  I know this is possible, given the time you spend online. Many of us are living in virtual communities, while needlessly trapped in our geographic space.  

Does the word omniprenuership sound interesting? Interesting, yes and better yet achievable.  Start learning online about certain focused steps on your unique path to omnipreneurship.  You will define your path in your own way.  The word describes an organized approach to living a life of meaning and purpose with sustainable income, while learning new tools and routines anywhere and everywhere.  Freedom to travel is the defining characteristic of this business model. 

My definition: omnipreneur (noun): a new breed of entrepreneur who runs his businesses not someone else's, anywhere where the action is or where the action is less, based on personal desires to work from home or other locations.  Omniprenuers succeed when they give value first, learn constantly and sustain an income in virtual communities, traveling as you chose—while pursuing your dreams.  Why not?

Armed with laptops, smart phones, and wifi access, omniprenuers hit the virtual road every day with a mission in mind— personal growth and success.  So if you’re feeling stuck or feel at a loss due to your present life, please take this time to pivot with aggression and reinvent yourself now! Begin to see life as the journey that it is rather than a dead end street. Start to master skills that are transferable to expanding virtual communities by following omniprenuers who are willing to share their methods.  

This new digital gold rush stems from the possibility of reaching customers you do not already know.  Then with new knowledge in marketing online, you can easily start building customer lists for profit in ways that you can earn multiple income streams, part time until the income exceeds above any full time income you might imagine.  You will learn to present information of value on any topic that interests you and therefore never be caught in an obsolete job or career again. 

Soon you will have your unique business strategy and game plan, while you look for an inspiring location.  What obstacles limit your time and plans to live Intentionally, see new sights, and experience personal growth?  With persistence and a little patience, new transferable skills will enable you to contribute unique value online, develop an income stream and, of course, travel. 

To move forward from your current situation you have to have the belief in something that doesn’t currently exist, right?   Faith may be the hardest skill to acquire. Personally adapt what others do successfully online and determine what works for your setting and circumstance. Sounds easy, yet distractions around us may come in many forms ranging from TV time, work or friends.


You’re different for a reason. Enjoy being you, as a way to overcome your personal obstacles.  Stop wanting to behave like someone else.  Learn how to be unapologetic about being you.  Then a new perspective on money and life is there within your reach.  Feel free living with really good money while you reach for your greatest goals—in every aspect of your life. If you want to success in your life, the person you are waiting for is yourself.  Enough said. We know truth is found in cliches that abound in our minds. 

Find your own motivators.  International travel, more family time, and contentment are strong motivators for most.  In many cases, travel will broaden your perspective on life as a whole.  Rethink how people communicate across the world today with online resources openly and freely.   Become familiar with the reach of online virtual communities and you will be amazed with all the opportunities and beneficial links.  As you contemplate travel, alone or with friends and family, those precious visions have the unique ability to keep you motivated.

Contentment is another motivator.  Your work has to be purposeful to bring contentment. Many people fail to realize that you have to give before you receive. The trick is finding a good way to give your personal time, unique skills, and resources, while taking focused steps toward producing an income stream. Get involved in an initiative that you are passionate about and pursue a life that is worth living. Passionate successful people want to work every single day.

Insights presented in a video series prepared for you at allow you to learn from others who are paving the way today.  Sharing with others who dream big will give you the opportunity to reprogram your mindset.  With a passionate persistent mindset, you will achieve a sustainable business model.  Maybe you are prepared to do something different. 

Don't be satisfied with the constraints of traditional employment, while leaving your life's dreams and goals and, most importantly, your financial security in the hands of an employer.  There are insights and techniques to turn any passion or interest into a successful online business through online marketing, maybe for yourself or just for others, without any inventory.  You can be successful if you have the drive to create a digital life on your own terms. Our video series introduces cutting edge principles around committing to an online business, with each video demonstrating how realistic it is for you to start a profitable online business from scratch!  

Stop building someone else's business and someone else's dream and take a few more minutes online.  After you watch the video series and go to work 10 more times, you will be thinking about the strategies and opportunity presented by us. It is alll explained by my mentors in free videos you can request at 

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