The Made to Succeed Reading List.

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Reading the right material to develop yourself is crucial, nearly as crucial as breathing… well sort of 😉. This is a combination of books that my mentors have recommended me, books that I have come across on my own and there’s a couple of books that I am yet to read but that have been heavily recommended by the community.

This reading list is yours under one condition, in fact the same condition that I was on before giving part of this reading list. You must read them!

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get started;

1.       Mastery by Robert Greene. Just find it on amazon, but you got to read this! The person who told me to read this told me, ‘I took more notes reading this book than any other, ever’. He wasn’t wrong I did the same!

2.       Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason. This is the best book on wealth creation out there without a doubt. Hey! This book is old as hell but is gold!

3.       Secrets to success by Eric Thomas. If you want fire burning motivation every day, just read this.

4.       No B.S wealth attraction by Dan Kennedy. Look man if you are building a business online or offline, I would be surprised if you haven’t read this book. But that’s why I am here, I got your back. SO, READ IT!

5.       Benjamin Franklin by Walter Issacson. Don’t just read this book study it back to front, learning who how and why Americas first self-made millionaire achieved what he achieved, is a privilege. Plus, Walter Issacson wrote Steve jobs, so is fair to say he is a badass

6.       List Building for Profit by Stuart Ross. This is not full book, but god is it packed with valuable information if you are trying to dominate the online world. This actually also helped me reach 11 thousand followers on instagram. Madness!

7.       Greatness Is Upon You by Eric Thomas. This is one of the books I am yet to read but, reviews say is one of the best personal development books out there!

8.       The Narrow Road by Felix Dennis. Any ambitious entrepreneurs, read this now! This is the man who said that having a 3-million-dollar net worth is being comfortably POOR.

Let me tell you something if you read these books in the next 2-4 months you will be ahead of around 80% of people in terms of entrepreneurial knowledge, self-development understanding and your mindset would have changed for the better.

Stay Focused and Keep Reading.

Efrain Herrera.

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