You Are Not Focused Enough

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There is a point in everyone’s life where we have all experienced true focus, it could have been for an hour back in school, a day at work, a workout, and some may have even experienced long term focus; where your goal was clear and you were just working for it, until your focus drifted off. So, you went back to normal and your ego protects itself by stating that ‘well we have done it before, we can another time’, yet you still haven’t… This time I am not here to tell you what has worked for me as an athlete or what will work for you, in fact I am not even writing this to urge you to learn something new or change your mindset. I am here to tell you something you already know. The way to laser beam focus is taking away distractions.

Neuroscientist and philosopher Dr Deepak Chopra states that on average the regular person has around 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day (without having to go too deep into when a thought begins and ends, conscious and unconscious thoughts, etc.…). Now checkout this stat, high achievers (we are talking the elite here!) have on average per day 8000 to 10,000 thoughts per day. Let that sink in for a second.

Did it sink in? Good ;)

Let us continue. The interesting part is this, research has shown that most high achievers take practice in ‘induced thinking’. This is the idea that they attempt for most of their day, to think positive things, think about their vision, success, their goals, in a constant basis. Think about it as they take control to the best of their ability of their thinking, trying to minimise all negative self-talk, useless thoughts and what I call energy vampires out of their mind (these are thoughts that drain your energy throughout the day and provide no clear purpose). You must first understand the elite will only settle for the best, in every aspect of their lives, all the way from what they eat to what they think daily. The call to action is simple, start becoming aware of your thought process, start becoming aware of how many negative thoughts you have in a day, start noticing if you practice positive self-talk throughout your day, first become aware. You know this, the first step to solving a problem is realising there is one. Second step, start looking for a solution which you know by now and lastly engage in a plan of action.

You are hijacking yourself, you are so used to being negative when you make a mistake, you are used in worrying about useless stuff, you are so used to being realistic, you are so used to having energy vampires drain your energy on a daily basis, that you are the only reason why you still having blown up, that you are still not a millionaire, you keep turning down opportunities because your thoughts keep telling you, ‘you can’t do that’, ‘you are not good enough for this, and this, and that’, and now is an automatic response to new prospects, new ideas, that you don’t even see them anymore, you have become blinded by your own thoughts. The reason you are not living up to your fullest potential is because of YOU, no one else is to blame but you! How many more days will you be living this way? How many more weeks? How many more years? Haven’t you had enough? There is no worse pain than knowing how good you are but never stepping up because of thoughts of fear and insecurity.

Take control of your thoughts, that from this day forwards you will only think the way you want to think and empower yourself mentally. I cannot stress this enough, if you dominate your thinking process, it won’t only last you until the end but you would be already half way there. There is only so much you can do in the physical world but mentally your power is limitless, I’m serious as a psychology student, nobody really knows the true potential of your amazing brain, so use that to your advantage and place no limits! You may be trying to, become fitter, create an online business, become a millionaire, learn an instrument, graduate from university, whatever it is you want to do, will require your mental focus, so cut out the useless thoughts, and start strategically placing positive, empowering thoughts to help you achieve your goal in the most efficient and quickest way possible.

Empower Yourself.

Efrain Herrera

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