A brief story of a boy back in 1990, in central Ghana.

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Life,really is a struggle,as pulsated by Odewale in Ola Rotimi;THE GODS ARE NOT BE BLAME!!!.A boy,who barely four years old I had lost my mother and doubling it up in a polygamous family,of which my father had no choice than to betrothed me to his brother to see to my needs and upbringing.As our elders says,the future is indeed unknown,my father wouldn't take such a decision,but it came to pass that my uncle's wife is so immune and heartless woman who doesn't want anything good for me,to the extent of terminating my education after my basic schooling which I couldn't get opportunity to be in the high school.Through struggle upon struggle that has finally brought me to where I am today,this new challenge,I have to surmount to make those who look up to me proud.

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