Chapter 6 - I Wokup Late Today

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Tuesday 15 January 2019

Wokeup 07:30 AM (Failure), 10 minutes late to work (Failure), Happy Smiley and confident at work (Success), when I get to work, they both had same hair style.. I said something about did you guys plan the same hairstyle? I should have given a compliment instead..  (I acknowledge this action and in the future I would like it to be a compliment and it should always be only compliments. Thank you in advance).

I came home for lunch, helped my flatmate move rooms, carried lunch to work, the chicken juice. Afternoon was smooth, I had my Rose laugh a couple times again.. (Success) left work, went to Paddington for an errand then to Oxford Street, I have this generous gift card from a friend, actually this card is a year before’s, I got another one from him last year.. Bless Him!  So I went shopping.. I went to Top Shop then to Selfridges so on…. I bought 5 jumpers.. I loved the colours.. I need to buy a jeans and jacket.. I ate at 5 Guys.. have not eaten burger in months so I loved it every bit.. I miss you burger.. lets keep in touch.. Got home, 8:30, straight to my laptop.. Updated my website landing page, watched Dan’s Training Webinar, and now writing this page.

3 x Things that I am grateful for today

I am grateful for the realization I  had while I was brushing my teeth this morning when I was blaming myself for not waking up when alarm went off this morning. “It’s ok for me to have slept a little longer.. do not resist the reality, just be grateful..   Thank you for this)

I am grateful for the way the conversation went with my manager in the kitchen this morning.. ( &@! Thank you for this, I would like to attract more of these and I would like to build relation with the people more around me..  Thank you in advance.)

I am grateful for my friend and for being able to buy clothes today.. I love nice clothes.. I like colours, light colours.. and this time of the year, a soft tshirt and light yellow colour jumper for British winter would be so good..

3 x happy moments of my day

I felt happy when - I have difficulty finding when I felt happy to so I am making myself happy now buy thinking of my new clothes, thinking of bringing a lot of treats to my workmates tomorrow.. and thinking of I will be meditating in other 5 minutes..

3 x things I need to do next that will take me closer to my destination

Tomorrow morning 4;30 - 6:30 do Gold Mastermind training,
Tomorrow morning 4;30 - 6:30 do Gold Mastermind training,
Watch Dans webinar
Shoot a video.. 

1 x Act of kindness today

I offered Rose to taste my breakfast.. she was so happy..

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