Where Is Flexibility When We Are Forever at Work?

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I was sitting in my truck a few days ago, at work with about thirty minutes before I have to clock in.  I am just sitting in my truck thinking about the last two days where I spent most of my time working online on my profiles and editing a video. I did not want to be clocking into my job at the resort, I wanted to be home working on my business, but I still have to work. My online business does not support me financially, yet. So it seems almost my entire day is spent getting ready for work, going to work and spending what seems like forever at work.  

Again, it’s not that I don’t want to work. It’s that I’m being forced through a schedule and an employer to be somewhere I don’t want to be, doing something I don’t want to be doing.   All because I need to earn a living. . . Right now, it is 12:25 a.m.   How many people have gone off to bed?  Everyone in this house has, and I’m the only one who has to go to work tomorrow. But I am here writing this, because it takes focused steps of action every day continually to get what you want. I am going to get control of my life back by the steps I learned in this video series. You can request the same video series from my website under Meet My Mentors at http://tidyurl.com/xkor1q 

Life without an employer guarantees flexibility and freedom.  Open your eyes to a creating a business that brings a new freedom lifestyle that you design and deserve.  You can see growth without staff or major overhead costs, except to fund a connection to the Internet and of course, the valuable personal training you might pursue.  For now, just start engaging your omniprenuership on your days off.  Soon you will generate an income from commissions and fees, online services as an affiliate marketer around the clock in a unique business model of your creation.  Finally, you will not have more month than money.  Let me explain.


Blogging and Vlogging on your chosen topics will bring you into a new lifestyle of earning more and working less hours as your own boss.  This business model has emerged full force in the current decade with personal options to make the model work for you.  Easily start your efforts around another job or another personal business in the digital economy.  Then capitalize on sharing information initially for free in blogs and videos.  Soon you will understand principles to follow like the experts who realize large incomes without a boss or employer.  Success comes with a learning curve over a few lessons, starting exactly where you are during much of your usual day, every day -- online. In our online community videos and coaching are available to teach you about attraction marketing and conversion funnels to gain financial security.

You will bring personal traits according to your life experiences and viewpoints.  Use every opportunity to build trust and learn what motivates your audience as a blogger or vlogger.   After a while, simply building digital lists of those with shared interests will lead to profits through maximum conversions, if you have a passion to suceed online.  Growth can be sustained with expanded future topics, even suggested by commentary entered into your earlier blogs. Reframing and pushing your online efforts generates an enlarging circle of topics for your audience as an omnipreneur. 


After sufficient training and coaching, start with a unique message of value, based on your experience and interests you are passionate about.  Work persistently to master your craft. You will surely hit plateaus and it takes time, until you can apply your attraction marketing consistently. Just work for the good of your audience without shortcuts, keeping an abudance mentality which comes from a place of care for others. Simply adapt every topic for your audience.  Just imagine one ideal person who is likeminded and you want to work alongside.  Create an unique avatar of those who will become your followers.  Lead them to our learning community so they can succeed along with you. Learn more visiting my facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/nextwav/   

Soon you will answer only to yourself, while writing your paycheck from home.  If you hang around whatever are you passionate about, you will gladly quit the daily struggles at the job where you no longer want to work.  Instead find and do what you love.  Maybe you are prepared now to do something different.  Let me ask you something.  I have financial goals as an omniprenuer.  What are yours?  That question is a good conversation starter.  You too are looking for the freedom to choose what and when to do things with the people you want to do them with.  Check out what we have done by watching this short video series made for you at http://tidyurl.com/xkor1q  

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