Freedom Lifestyle for Online Marketers

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It’s not that I don’t want to work or even that I don’t like my job, it is the loss of control.  Instead, it’s really about doing what you want with your life. I am not going to give up control over my life for $25 to $30 dollars an hour, working towards a retirement I will never fully receive.  For as much as I like my job as a sever, I don’t want to be one for the next 20 years. I don’t want to give up that much control. That frightens me more than anything else. So, what do I need to do. I need to change my reality. I need to make myself more valuable to people in general. That is why I joined this onlline educational community. I need to direct my reality.  So I will work hard and learn from people in this community who have already done this model for their success and put in the necessary effort until I achieve my goals and my dreams.

Oh, you bet there are keys I am finding while gaining income in a home-based online business for omniprenuers.  The optimum way I found requires monetary investment only when you are ready and the payoff for you is a new freedom lifestyle.  One path to success is simple yet genuine communication in a new platform of digital content marketing for omniprenuers who yearn to write blogs or produce video on unlimited topics.  Your persistence and willingness to learn how to strive for new accomplishments qualifies you for a new wealthy lifestyle.  Let me explain more in my story at www.nextwavelitecom 


Top advertisers who provided stellar service for their clients in the past are now transformed into content marketers and search engine optimizers in the current online environment.  Gain knowledge in these techniques, or keys, so to speak, and you will find this path rich with customers looking for whatever product or services you or your client might be selling or offering.  You just write about prime topics and get the social media conversation headed toward an online transaction that fits the needs and interest of others. 

Right from the beginning, terms like conversion funnel and attraction marketing became the tools to quickly learn to rise to new heights.  One major hurdle marketers face when starting out with a social media marketing plan is coming up with great content over and over again.  We overcome this by analyzing how our content fits into the customer social media journey with the audience.  Spend your time wisely with quality messages and avoid producing messages without optimizing the conversion funnel.  Of course, there are lessons and videos on how to do conversion funnels in attraction marketing at

Invest your time in our online learning community to easily overcome simple mistakes made by novice marketers.  With efficient use of time, rising content marketers look at different sets of data with conversion optimizers to establish success or failure while building their earnings.  If you can write or edit or produce quality video, starting with your own life experiences and hunches, you can adapt the right platform to launch your omniprenuer campaigns online. My video introduces you to our community posted on my facebook page at 


By taking the effort to learn, you will find keys to generate topics and titles with proof of reader interest and customer conversion potential. Learn to produce effective lead conversion content for potential customers by doing online research.  Once you recognize that customers are looking for content or information to solve a problem or fulfill a need, but they are not ready to buy, you will be in a position to build a relationship that moves forward on terms of mutual interest.  This is key to your success.  You can offer short blogs, guides, tip sheets, checklists, and videos as a rising content marketer.  Soon your favored clients will become your income stream.   

So what about building an online business from scratch?  You can learn to produce income with minimal self -funding, no staff, just your passion and determination and willingness to learn.  Unique online business models do achieve results with many tangible rewards: 1) No more trading time for money 2) Earn while you are at your keyboard or away.  You will become so successful that you will soon be helping other people to achieve higher levels of income.  By reaching many motivated people on a global scale, together you will enter into this new territory, established by the new rich with the ability to have freedom and flexibility with what we call content marketing.  It is all explained in a video series prepared for you with links on my website at 


Do you remember being frustrated, locked out of your home or car recently.  Yes, just standing at the door wishing for a way to gain easy access to all the comforts inside your home.  Well until now, you did not have the keys to your ultimate desired setting.  Perhaps from a far, you longed for a very long time for a lifestyle with sufficient income to fulfill your passions and imaginative goals.  You alone can identify those passions and set those goals.  Safety and security in your income level is everything, but freedom is so much more.  

Analyze your frustration and consider what may happen when you stop building someone else's dream.  Okay, so just fire your boss seems trite, but true overtime.  Just know that education brings freedom in this digital world with opportunities that were not available following old school methods. Start by learning ways to build lists and convert customers while earning fees and commissions through affiliate marketing and online content marketing.  I found that there is no mystery with the right guidance and direction. Initially this can be easily managed in your spare time, until you can move along the income path fulltime.  Ready to learn more on my facebook page 


With each passing decade, very few professional advertisers achieve income with only traditional campaign approaches anymore, except for huge corporations.  Instead content marketing is a solid path to digital gold, nowadays. Those in the marketing side of selling have always reaped benefits in terms of income and achievements without suffering from financial outlays for inventory and the nagging regret of soliciting warm leads from family and friends. I agree inventory and warm leads are not for us.  

Where do you find yourself in this new learning environment?  Maybe sitting on your favorite beach, traveling to new places unknown to you before, and enjoying time with family and loved ones.  Concentrate your time on learning the new techniques and methods, apply those techniques online with coaching and encouragement, then the rest of the time is yours to direct and spend anyway your passion leads. This will all be explained in a video series perepared for you.  You can request the same videos at or learn more by clicking on Meet My Mentors at my website 



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