Life is a gift

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Every day I awake after sleeping for an amount of hours. Sometimes on a stretch and other times my sleep was interrupted, just to dose back off again.

Just like many other things in life, no one taught us how to sleep. It's just something we do naturally like breathing and crying. Sometimes sadness makes us cry, but so can joyfulness.

In my early teens I used to have these visions of me playing music in a band on stage. My friends would be standing in the crowd enjoying what I was doing on stage. Cheering me on as I was taking all sorts of beautiful solo's. As I encouraged my imagination to take me to these moments where time didn't exist, the feeling that came with it kept getting stronger and stronger. Even though I could not play any instrument at the time, in my mind I not only created the scene visually, but I could feel all the feelings and emotions of joy that came with it.

Back then I never once questioned it all. It just happened. In my mind I was this virtuoso and in realty I never played an instrument. This had to change so I started picking my mind where I could get my hands on an electrical instrument. Then it hit me. Down the street where I lived was this church that Miss Woods used to give service to the community. They had instruments there. And yes you guessed it.

Off I was down the road to the church. As I entered I noticed Miss Woods preparing for the service later that evening. And I asked: “Miss Woods? Would you mind if I just played a little on the bass guitar.” "Oh of course I don't mind sunny boy, here, sit and play please". You can imagine what went through me as I sat and held that instrument and began to play. "You sound like those American musicians sunny boy, would you like to come and play with us this evening? Our bass player is sick and you may temporarily take his place". Yessssss! I said I will be there 07:00 sharp.

I went home feeling all jolly and proud. I told my grandmother, "I will be playing in the Woods Church this evening" "What, but you can't play Donchy" Oh yes I can, ask Miss Woods. Seven o'clock sharp I showed up and grabbed the bass ready to play. By now the children's choir started entering the Church and other known local people. There was also another musician, a guitarist named Lenny Lake. When we were about to start Lenny said to me: "The song is in F." I knew where F was on the fret board "Yea ok".

As we began to play, it was not sounding right, I could not find the right notes. The second song, same thing and the children were starting to look at me in a strange way. By now I was nervous and could not concentrate on the music. Then I turned and looked around and saw the Bass man outside the window. I called him, I said: "Chris, come play." He said: "No, you keep playing". I said: "come on boy, come play." After he took the bass, sat and carried on with the service, I left the Church for home. On the way home I looked up to the stars and thought: "Boy, you have allot to learn".

Adonis A. Richards


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