Magic Words When Selling!

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The sales process could be a bad experience for a lot of professionals, believe it or not, even most of the entrepreneurs don`t know the basic principals of turning a prospect into a loyal customer. Acquiring knowledge in sales in fundamental for someone who is serious about making an impact on the marketplace and getting attention from it.

Having a business means selling something, could be a service or product, acquiring customers, solving their problems and making a profit, meanwhile, not knowing what to say to them could be a problem right early in the sales process. If you`re a salesman, you probably have been confronted with some type of question like this one:
"Is your product any good?"
The typical answer from an inexperienced or untrained salesman should take about 15 or 20 minutes explaining the products` features and trying to convince the customer they have the best offer. Probably they end up with no sale or at least no interest from the customer.

Take a look the next approach using the magic words:
A client asks the following:
"Why is your service so expensive?"
The salesman response:
"I don`t know!"
"Why do you think our service is expensive?"
The client says:
"Well... I guess you have a good service!"
You saw the difference in the second dialogue, the salesman pushes the energy to the customer with another question, making him assume that the service could be a fit for him.

Let`s take a look a the first example. The customer asks:
"Is your product any good?"
The right answer using the magic words:
"I don`t know, sir!"
"It depends on what you are looking for."
By throwing the ball to the client`s side you`ll have a better understanding of what he is really looking for.

undefinedMost of the salesman or business owners think they need to know everything, they often talk too much, that`s a fact but, what that does is making the sales process out of control. The person who is asking the questions is the one in control and for that, the salesman should not do more than 20% of the talking.

Three simple words that can be applied to any business by any salesman or entrepreneur who is looking for a quick way to deserve more attention from the marketplace, potentially increasing their sales, delivering a better service to their clients and solving problems in a more efficient manner.

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