Platforming and preparing for 2017 &1/2, that's what I've been up to!

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Some of you know that I've been busier than usual lately and stretching my mind with some sort of new project.

No.  It's not the smartphone!  I still don't have one of those.

It's not the book.  Though what I've been doing will help me tremendously as I move forward on that project!

It's not the bus driving gig.  In fact, I haven't even filled you in on any recent pearls, like:  "I don't mean this rude.  I wouldn't SAY it to anyone because maybe it would hurt their feelings?  But city people sometimes say some WEIRD things and seem kind of..." (polite hesitation) "wimpy?  Have you ever heard anyone talk about how strong they are 'cause they can (air quotes) cut their own steak?"

Another kid jumped in, "I have! Don't even know what THAT'S supposed to prove! So what?  You can cut a little piece of meat with a knife? I could rip it apart with my own TEETH!" (This from a kid lisping through a gap of three missing front teeth.)

Eventually, that topic developed into a dramatic conversation about "butter knife safety". I'll have to tell you about that another time.

What I HAVE been doing is catching up to 2017 from about 1990 in terms of comprehending the digital universe and positioning myself relative to it.

It is not a matter of if things will change.  They HAVE.  And they continue to change, by the day and hour now, in some cases.  I need to adjust and I need to do it now.  I want to be a positive part of the change, not swept over, crushed and left behind by it.

*Employment models are changing.  People are burned out.  People have been let down by the old models. People are ready!

*Entrepreneurship models are changing.  Entrepreneuring has exploded, but the models must (and are!) changing.  People have grown tired and suspicious of the endless money-seeking, inauthenticity, and scams.

*Consumer models are changing.  People are sick of being constantly manipulated as consumers.  People are tired of throw away everything and disappointing service.  People are looking for quality, value, and dependability again.  They want integrity.  People are looking for REAL and GENUINE.

*People are rejecting the old educational models that are failing them.  People are searching for and creating powerful alternatives!

*Individuals, as well as multi-billion dollar entities, are now looking to collaborate!

*The Internet!  We are only beginning to understand and explore the potential...

*More and more, people are refusing the idea that success means something that comes at the expense and sacrifice of their health, character, and relationships.   People are returning to spirituality and taking it with them in all they do.


In researching how to even BEGIN platforming for my writing, these are some of the things that became increasingly apparent to me.  So it was that I found something addressing my needs in a way I had never seen coming.  (If you know me, this will blow you away, too.  Not my usual realm, to understate it!)

Technically I am now a digital affiliate marketer and partner in a digital platforming system.  (I won't be pushing you to buy anything!  I don't need to; the WORLD is now accessible to me!  And there are people out there looking for exactly what I have found.)  Plus, I have my little website domain.  More than one, in fact!  Simply setting up a place to blog was my original motivator.  Beyond that, I now also have the tools and knowledge to market anything I might want to ~ if I want to.  I am getting well-supported education and mentorship guidance from real people who I can conveniently access!

Below is a link, if you want to know more.  I'll keep you posted as I gather experience and make my way.  The good, the bad, the ugly, the inspirational, and the embarrassing.  Zero pretension.  I'll share the journey with you.  This is a long game move.

Authenticity is among my highest values.  I sensed authenticity with this opportunity.  So far, that is exactly what I have experienced.  And WOW, the things I know and skills I have today that seemed light years beyond me just a few weeks ago!!

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