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As mentioned in my last bog, I am nearing the end of this year’s Wisdom Course Unlimited here in Australia where I took on an inquiry into the transformation word: Generating.

What has been remarkable about this tool and practice (we have an online gathering every Monday night for 2 hours) is that I have discovered that there have been moments where I have ‘faltered’ in knowing what to do. It is WHEN this distinction happens; I suddenly look at ‘GENERATING SOMETHING’. What has me smile is that often, I am diving into the UNKNOWN. Perhaps, indeed, it is because I have NO PAST (as reference) so no wonder I falter!

Six Figure Mentors: 3 Blogs or Vlogs a week

When I joined Six Figure Mentors in July this year, they suggested taking on writing 3 blogs per week for at least 6 months picking out a niche that inspired me.

NICHE:                   ONTOLOGY: The Study of Being

Yes, ever since I started my personal development journey in October 1993, I have been fascinated about the inquiry into what it is to be human. As a result, and thankful I am engaged in a “transformation course” right now, I have found writing blogs around this context (read more here), has flowed well. What has surprised me is that the thought that this will be fairly easy was misplaced! 

I am currently 13 blogs behind and if I make ‘MY CATCH UP’ by this Friday, my integrity (read more here) is restored!

Hmm, well what I have ‘generated’ in address this breakdown is by consulting my ‘recently bought’ Happiness Cards made by Cheryle Teni. I met her recently at a wellness expo in Ocean Shores, New South Wales, Australia, where I live. She was wonderful and engaging, proudly declaring that her cards impacted many who; had or is going through, trauma in their lives.

No trauma here, I am glad to say; so these oracle cards have been a wonderful consult, on days where the cards call me! The cards now call me for the next 63 times to go through each and GENERATE a transformative message as a possibility!

Great Value: An Opening to Share

I know that one of the key distinctions, that human beings perhaps are not thrown in doing easily is acknowledgement (read more here)!

·       How precious is your family or friends to you?

·       What value do they add to your life?

·       What do you appreciate about them being in your life?

I have discovered that you can never be “mislead or disappointed” if you generate acknowledgement. I sometimes go to work and let my boss know how much I appreciate him, his business and the contribution he is to my life. I recall asking him once what he liked about his life.

He replied the fact he has run a successful business for 20 years, that he is able to provide well for his family, that he had no debts and that his balance in lifestyle includes being able to attend his daughter’s ‘after school’ activities on many occasions.

 Who, in your life right now, do you declare as PRECIOUS?


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