How To start An online Business From Scratch Complete Guide For Beginners

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Starting an online business is a great way forward for having the flexibility to create good income streams for financial freedom, time freedom, and geographical freedom

Now more than ever online businesses have become very popular in the world. customers prefer to purchase goods and services on the internet because of the convenience and the flexibility they have while shopping online.

And online entrepreneurs are benefiting ultimately from the daily growth of online shopping, and why not you?

Unfortunately, you can simply skip some steps and go relax at the beach while everything is done on autopilot. But before you can do that, you have to put some things in place. There we go!!!

Are you ready to discover how you can start your online business to have the lifestyle you want? So let’s go. How to start an online business from scratch?

1.  Find A Niche

You need to focus your efforts on a particular online business. Indeed, finding a niche is very important in business. You can be a slash and there is nothing wrong with that, but you should focus on one market niche at the beginning stage of your online business

2. Do Research On The Niche

You need some solid data about your future audience and competition. The best place to find out it’s with Google search. Now that you have some niche ideas, you can put them into Google Keyword Tool and find out if there’s anyone interested in it.

If you type the niche that you have chosen on google it will give you data on the number of global searches done every month on the topic. Then you will know if there is a market in the niche you have chosen.

3. Choose A Domain

The domain I recommend that you use your own name if it is ok because most people who do businesses online are likely to be attracted to a website with a person name than just a website with a figure name

However, if it's not possible for you to use your name for your business you can always use any other name but let the name that you are going to choose to be unique and original that speaks directly about your niche.

Once you have chosen a domain name for your online business use to check if the domain name is available. If it’s not available you can always add something to stick with the domain name you like to use for your business.

For example, my domain is Sandra Kiers, (my name) and that means my website is, and if was not available I would have to go with or www.sandra/, or, or, etc. There are many more ways to get a domain name available

4. Host Your Domain

Hosting your domain name. For an extension .com, is the most popular extension but others like .org, .co, or, .net, etc. are also good. I recommend BlueHost for domain name hosting because

They register custom domain name for free, making sure no one else can take it.
They offer a free, automatic installation of the WordPress blogging software
They offer reliable web hosting that has been recommended by WordPress since 2005
They have helpful 24/7 customer service via phone or webchat.
They have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied

5. Build A Website

To create a website I high recommended WordPress because it is a great platform, you can use it to launch your website in minutes, and you don’t have to be a programming specialist or anything to work with the WordPress platform.

Type in on google and you will find every detail on how to use the WordPress platform to create a website, and it is not difficult.

But if you don’t have the time and if you can afford a web designer hire a web designer to do the work for you however I don’t advise you to spend money on building your website, and have it in mind that it’s not about how nice your website look that will break or make your online business but it’s your niche that will determine the success of your online business.

So spending money on web designers to build a website is not necessary, personally, I create my website on my own and use the WordPress platform and it’s quite good.

6. Signing Up For An Email Delivery Service

You might not understand this right now, but trust me. Nowadays Email marketing is highly effective in online business. To be able to use it fully you need to sign up for an email delivery service.

Such a service takes care of delivering emails to your customers or prospects. What I’m using, and what I advise you to use as well is A Webber provides a free account – a perfect starting point. Personally, I use A Webber for my online business, and I am very happy with its service


7. Content Is The Master Piece

Once you have your website set up you need quality content. What is quality content? Quality content all depends on your niche, the type of audience you’re attracting, your personal style of writing, and so on.

All of this means only one thing quality content is not something that happens overnight, it’s something that evolves over the months or years of your blog’s existence.

You need to keep producing what you consider being valuable and monitor the impact it has on your audience. Measure the response and you will be on the right path to improving your content.

And yes, every website needs good content. Especially when you’re in a niche market trying to kick-start your online business.

If you need some advice on how to get started check out google, and there is always something helpful you can find on google


8. Traffic And Marketing

Traffic to your site is the most important part of online business, you might have the best products or service and might create the best website but without traffic, they are all for nothing.

If you want to attract some real traffic to your website then there are two main paths: the free path, and the paid path. The free path requires more time to see any results, while the paid path requires money to see any results.

If you want quick results you can start advertising your business online and get traffic within minutes. There is one thing to understand though that you might and must lose money in marketing before getting the big break.

But that does not mean that your online business will not be a success, because online business is very successful every business owner loss money some times. Moving on

Google AdWords is probably the best place to begin your advertising career. But be careful, it’s not that easy to use as Google says it is. You need to learn the basics first if you don’t want to lose your cash.

Go to YouTube look for videos that explain how to use Google AdWords to market and get a better understanding before using it to start marketing


9. Networking And Being A Part Of A Community

Going to school to learn about business probably won’t get you very far in terms of business. You need to be a part of a community.

What’s the easiest place to start? Join a forum within your niche. Browse some threads, ask questions, answer questions, participate in discussions… simply engage.

But wait, there’s more! Comment on blogs within your niche. Engage in Twitter conversations. Join a LinkedIn group. Join a Flickr group. Join a Facebook group. Make some friends on StumbleUpon and YouTube. Just be visible.

Networking can be fun. But don’t you forget what you in for, being part of a network is to learn and meet people that are the same mindset as you, so never be carried away  


10. Monetization

I think this is what we are here for!!! There’s a number of ways to monetize a website. The most common ones are:

Selling ebooks or other digital content (like laptops, tablets, audios, videos, video games, apps, etc.).
Charging for membership to a service of a website.
Selling in-depth online courses.
Running ads on the website (selling them individually or being a part of a larger ad network like BuySellAds or AdSense).
Offering consulting, coaching, or freelancing services.
Offering speaking engagements at conferences.
Selling physical products (like books, t-shirts, posters, etc.)
Being an affiliate and selling other people’s products for a commission.

Affiliate marketing is the most easier and the simplest way to make good fortune money online however selling your own products is also a very profitable approach. Unfortunately selling your own products it’s much more complicated than being an affiliate. Apart from the marketing side you also need to take care of the product creation and customer management side. Skills like copywriting and upselling come in handy as well.

Being an affiliate also requires much work to achieve good results. Every path of online business requires a number of works to be successful.

After all, once your online business is set, you can be on the beach, sleeping, etc. Your online business will be generating income to give financial independent

And we all want passive income, right? It’s a dream come true to have passive income, however, have it in mind that the passive income will not happen by itself you have to devote serious time to build your online to see positives result, and once your online business takes off your life will never remain the same for the better then you will have the lifestyle of your dreams. Moving on

11.  Improvements

Running an online business is a never-ending journey, and it starts right after you learn how to set up your online business. Running a successful is online business is about learning and apply. You need to be learning new things, improving your skills, and growing your business constantly. If you’re not growing you’re dying.

If you want to improve anything about your website, first you need to learn how to use Google Analytics, Google tag manager, to set them on your website is not difficult, and Google provides simple guides on how to get them done in a very simple way.

Tacking is very important in online business, any online marketer who is not tracking is not marketing. One of the first steps to improvement is learning what is a conversion and what it means to your business.

The next step is doing some split testing. You can get started by creating some tests in a tool called Google Website Optimizer. This is not surprising but Google provides some great training videos here too.

That’s it well done you just learned the basics of how to start an online business from scratch. The information is much but you should not feel overwhelmed because starting an online business it’s so much easier than it seems

And have it in mind that just because you have read this information within few minutes does not mean that you can set up an online business in a few days, or weeks, even months all I am saying is that an online business will take you sometimes to build just give yourself time to grow into it, take it easy, slowly and you will be very much ok and successful

Don’t be discouraged. Just start by believing in yourself and you should be just about fine, do this for yourself, and you will be very happy when you start to gain the reward of your online business

And if you are really serious about starting an online business to create good income streams for financial freedom, time freedom, and the freedom to live and earn a living anywhere in the world, click on the blue link below put your name and your email address to sign up for free training videos series workshop on how to start an online business

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With the free training videos, you don’t have to have any skills to be able to start your online business, it’s all about learning and applying.

There is no attachment to the free training if at any time you don’t want to hear from me again or if you are not interested in using the free training to start your online business to be successful in life you can unsubscribe at any time we will go on our separate ways and you will never hear from me again

However, if you become successful by using this free training to start your online business and create income streams to live a better life please don’t forget to pass the good news on to help somebody change their life for the better with the same free videos

That’s it thank you so much for choosing to read my article please leave a comment, and if you have any question please reach out to me via my website on the contact me page there you will find all my contacts details. Please visit my website for more great contents

I wish you all the best in life, I hope to be seeing you around don’t forget to sign up for the free training videos series. See you on the other side.

Kindest Regards,

Sandra Kiers

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