Self-Love, Healing and Enlightenment

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Self-Love, Healing and Enlightenment

Survivors of narcissistic abuse who have now mastered self-love, what would you like to say to others who are struggling with issues stemming from low self-worth to encourage their desire for healing and enlightenment?

                       Self-Love To Healing, and Enlightenment

Realize this that you have through the choice of the universe have seen a different level, realm, dimension of evil.
Now you see what others don’t, your smell, your sense, all of it is from a different place, a higher place, your senses have grown, have become super.

WOW now with this in mind, what do you use these super senses for,… well duh, make the world a better place, lol.

Actively search for individuals, groups that are less fortunate, violated, hurt, insecure etc and lift them up.

Until you don’t do this you will be perpetuating the past in your present and will feel like nothing, exactly like what your abusers wanted was for you to be nonexistent and you will feel like that too. Num, zombified, nill.

Once you come to the realization of your purpose, that is to help others find their purpose and help them reach it, you become free and you feel joy from the innermost parts of yourself that you could never have fathomed nor touched with the mere self.

You will feel enlightened from the idea ‘If I can’t have it, it doesn’t mean you can’t’.

Once here you will know good and bad are indifferent. You will be happy, free-flowing, knowing that after every bad there is good and after every good there is bad. It is a perpetual game that you will have mastered to not react. It’s all divine in nature and all come together at the end like missing pieces of a puzzle being handed to you one by one.

Remember you are the experiencer experiencing the already experienced experience. Why would you react to whats old news? It’s done. Right now the response required is to see and think all as done but my mind must stay calm. Not anxious, angry, impatient, rather ‘This too shall pass’.

I know all too well the ups and downs you feel after the hard life but really it was intense training, given by the universe, not the abusers. Can you handle it and now will you train so many others into seeing the true reality which is ‘I don’t need to worry about me but you and someone else will be sent for me at the right time’.

The universe has looked out for me by giving me this training [btw crazy training … I know… tell me about it or what …lol ] and I shall now with the wisdom from this, care for it and share it.

It’s not possible that after something so bad something so good doesn’t arise. You have to allow for it to come by accepting that you needed to see more and know more. Otherwise, how are you going to help others with the same mindset as them? You have to have something in order to give.

And last but not least repeat after me TOGETHER…

‘This too shall pass’.

In Peace

Shamila khan --- Inspirational-Motivational Mentor
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