3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

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It's easy to go overboard when trying to build a social following. Social media marketing can be a little bit like walking into your favorite Gelato bar... there are so many options to choose from it's tempting to want to taste a little bit of each. There are Billions of potential customers just hanging out on these platforms but where do you start when you have limited time to do them all well?

There's no denying that social media marketing is a powerful launchpad for building your brand and finding loyal clients, but, unfortunately, most businesses still make some common mistakes when managing their accounts. Misusing any of these platforms can and does have big fallout effects for your business.

Let's explore 3 common mistakes to help you make better social media marketing choices.


1. Trying To Create a Presence on All Social Media Platforms

As a small business owner, you'll have a lot to do, so it's essential that you use your time wisely. Choosing to have a presence on every social media platform under the sun will likely mean you'll be spreading yourself too thin - you won't have the time to blog, update your profile and engage with your audience on all the sites.

So, If you're blogging and sharing your posts on a variety of social media platforms then this is where choosing the right social media management tool can shave days of manual labor from your month! If you're capable of delivering quality content all-day every-day go ahead! In fact, one awesome way to do this if you are blogging regularly is to schedule your posts to be pushed out via your social media channels automatically on a pre-defined schedule I do this with Blog2Social.

Here's how Blog2Social works!

If you just starting out, and don't have the budget to purchase a scheduling plugin, rather than trying to master all social media platforms, consider starting out with just one and see if you can develop an active community. Once you have mastered one platform, move on to exploring the next one.

The first thing you'll want to consider when choosing your preferred platform is; who is your target market, and which social media platform/s do they spend the most time?

Do your research and concentrate your efforts there. However, if it's absolutely essential for your business to have a presence on multiple platforms think about taking on some extra help with content creation and managing engagement on your accounts. I've sourced some quality freelancers from AirTaskerFreelancer in the past, however, be prepared to put in the time and effort to find someone you feel confident will represent your business well, after all; your social media marketing presence is the face of your businesses.

2. Ignoring Comments On Your Posts, Tweets & Grams

Whenever your followers and fans take the time to comment on your posts, make sure to respond to them as quickly as possible. By communicating in a timely manner with your fans and potential customers, they'll know you care and will continue to engage with your content and advocate for your brand. Ignoring comments makes fans feel cheated, neglected and unloved, and you'll not only lose them but also risk negative comments and feedback on both your page or with their own status updates.

3.  Quantity over Quality?... Not a Winning Strategy

Take a step back and think about what kind of value your posts genuinely offer your audience. Are you merely posting content to be seen to be fulfilling your daily quota or are you building a reputation for consistent 'not to be missed content?

So that leads us to the obvious question... How often should I be posting to my socials?  has written a helpful post on Socialaider.com that dives into optimal post frequency on a variety of platforms that I think you will find a great start to begin planning your content strategy for your Social Media Marketing Schedule.

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