Takers and Givers

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Takers and Givers


The days of takers are over. The days of go-getters are counted. The go-givers are in, the generosity, humanity, love and humility always finds a way to win.


There is so much egoism in the world. So many people are so self-centered and so into themselves and their own well-being, they forget to give, they only concentrated on how to get. They forget we are all connected and need each other equally. That our planet is an opera of us working together as a team.

Our medias used to promote and highlight all the negativity they could find, that we almost started forgetting there is an equal amount of positivity in the world. I think thanks to internet and the digital world people now have more control over the news they hear, they can choose what to follow and filter through the clutter. Now it is really up to us what we allow to receive and how to react to it.


For some odd reason and for some time I used to think I need to be careful about my feelings, whom to show my heart or who to give attention or even friendship, like I was lacking it in amount. Like I had to assure myself to get it first before I could give, just to make sure I still have it. Like people or the world owed me something. How terribly wrong.

You need to give before you can get.


And there is no mathematics in how much. There are no rules. Now the giving without a reason is the only thing on my mind. It doesn’t matter if I don’t get it back. After all, I know I will do, but maybe in a different form and by someone else and when I least expect. You never know how it is going to turn out, so give give give.

Children are hardly counting, they are pure and they use their higher senses much better than adults. They and animals are much better at expressing love, they wanna give love, they feel love back in everything and anyone. They involve heart more than they involve corrupted head. And they are who we “big people” have so much to learn from and get inspiration. Not to be scared of giving too much of ourselves, you can never give too much, not to love too much, you can honestly never love too much, or you can never respect too much. And don't worry about not getting in back.

Love as if you have never been hurt before and give as if you were going to get everything 3-times over tomorrow.


And don’t worry about takers, once they take it all, there’ll be no more for them to take. The days of takers are always counted. The givers are with power now. They have the power the change the course, they have power to change the world. Not the takers. The takers may eat better but the givers sleep better. The takers also give, but only if their's a lucrative rewards in all their giving. The givers also take, but only if they have to.

Takers and givers are defined by their reactions in life. Takers have hardly any limits, therefore the givers need to set them. The most successful people have understood it and apply it.

Pick your friends and your environments wisely, as people can equally drain you as they can inspire you.


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