The Truth

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So you want the truth? But in those imortal words of Colonel Nathan Jessop in the A Few Good Men "you can't handle the truth!" Or can you? There comes a time in our lives when we can't and wont kid ourselves anymore. But the real question is why we end up with such a distorted view of reality.

So it is said that no one person can ever know the whole truth, just their own perception and heres why.

Human beings experience what we refer to as reality through the five senses. All information is received through one of the five apertures from our environment.


At some point in the deep structure of our mind every piece of information is recorded by our unconscious mind. The information is too much for our conscious minds to process so there has to be a system of sorting and using this information that our conscious mind can understand. Think of when you do a Google search and get millions of results. Google has an algorythm to sort out the most relevant information for you. In a similar way your unconscious mind filters this information by deleting, distorting and generalising the information.

What you delete, distort and generalise is very much determined by your beliefs and conditioning, especially in your formative years. There are lots of different ways we delete, distort and generalise information that I am not going to go into here but if you would like to learn them then go and Google: NLP Meta Model. In short we delete information that we feel is not relevant, we distort information to make it fit and we generalise to reduce the amount of information. We then use this information to form our model/map of the world. We represent as in RE.......PRESENT the information inside our head that we feel best represents the world we live in. The crucial thing that we forget is that it is not actual reality, it is just our perception of reality. In NLP we have a saying:

"The map is not the territory, the menu is not the meal!"

Now we all have different maps in our heads, of the outside world of the same teritory but the details and information on the map maybe very different. The more two individuals map is similar, generally the more they will agree with each other. Conversely two people could be both right but have such different maps that they can't agree on anything. Imagine comparing an ordinance survey map to a road atlas of the same territory. There are some similarities but a lot of differences!

To compound matters further we then have to communicate our map of the world using the limits of our vocabulary to other people. So when we put it into words it then goes through another filter where we delete, distort and generalise again as we put our model into words.

So there we have it, or do we? Because there is one other factor that also effects our view of the world. We have this wonderful thing called a Reticular Activating System (RAS) built into our minds. This is our selective focus with the emphasis on "selective". Once we have formed our model of the world in our heads our RAS only looks for things that confirm that are model of the world is correct. The best way to explain it is to carry out this exercise: Tell someone you are going to perform a memory test on them. Then tell them to look around the room and memorise the position of every red item. Once they have done this tell them to close their eyes and then tell you where all the blue items are. They wont be able to do this because they were not looking for them. In the same way we don't notice things that contradict our belief system and our internal model of the world because we are not looking for them. So next time you are convinced that you are 100% right just consider what you have read here.

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