The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

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I’ve got an obsession with the word truth. I have already written an article about it here and am going to write another one right now. People are so conditioned by society that they are completely convinced that their beliefs are true without ever scrutinising the information that they built it on.

I’ve just watched a very frank, honest and unapologetic interview with world heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury. I’ll post the interview below but it appears that he is a man that has had enough of the bullshit that we present and project in society and is calling it how he really sees it.

Most of us fear speaking the truth because we worry that we will be scorned by others for daring to rock the boat. In fact some of us are so scared of the truth that we are the reason that others won’t speak it. People often list honesty as an attribute that they admire in others yet paradoxically create an environment that does not cultivate that.

I think this all stems from how society thinks things should be. We are all conditioned with that belief to some degree and then we feel we have to live up to those expectations. When we don’t we sometimes lie and try and project a false image. If people were more accepting of the truth then people wouldn’t feel the need to lie. Having said that it always the individual’s choice to be honest and tell the truth no matter how hard that choice is.

The truth will always out eventually though, you can’t keep a lid on things forever. With repressed emotions they will bubble under the surface until they find an outlet for the pressure build up. We don’t have to look too far for this. Most people in modern societies realise how unacceptable racism is but many still harbour those feelings. You only have to look at the YouTube or Facebook comments section to witness many people venting their hidden feelings that they wouldn't dare to in person. If Tyson Fury had a penny for every time he was called a “dirty pikey” on social media he’d be far richer from that than boxing.

We need to become more accepting and forgiving as a society and this will then cultivate a society that solves it problems and not one that perpetuates its cycle. As Albert Einstein is quoted as saying “you can’t solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it”.

For example let’s take crime. We have this notion that people who commit crime should be punished as though it is some sort of universal law. That angry need to see others suffer who have transgressed against us exists only in us. It does not serve us and in fact living in an angry state has a negative impact on our health. There is a good article about it here. Don’t get me wrong there are times you should get angry as it serves a genuine function. If there’s one thing you do when you get angry it is to do something. There is no better state for taking action. If you saw your child being abducted do you think that being in a loving forgiving state is useful in that situation? Hell no!!

So let’s get back to this need to see others who do wrong in our eyes suffer. It is an old remnant behaviour from hunter gatherer tribal societies because this would be a way to restore your status in the group and humiliate the other individual who was literally threatening your survival. Fast forward 6000 years and we are still doing it. Criminals MUST be punished I here right wing conservatives shout in anger not realising that they are merely reacting in instinctive primal way. They get a neuro-chemical reaction in their body which makes them feel a certain way about a certain thing and they do not realise that they don’t have to act on it. So let’s be clear the first obligation is of protection to the public. The individual who has made that choice to transgress the law has done that consciously no matter how hard that choice was. Once they are arrested and detained we can go two ways:

1.       Go primal on them, get angry and punish them out of some internal belief that this is justice. The criminal may then become embittered and from the hate they receive and descend down a spiral of hate. Soon they only act in the way everybody expects them and the cycle repeats. This costs the taxpayer money to incarcerate them and they become a burden on society. They become institutionalised and have nothing to lose so they repeat offend and this completely debunks the deterrent theory. When someone has nothing to lose then it doesn’t matter how big your stick is, they really don’t give a shit. This cycle will continue until someone intervenes with a conscious choice to break it and educate.

2.       A more modern approach is to rehabilitate the individual. We must still ensure that the individual is not a threat and protect the rest of society through incarceration but no longer than is necessary. There are a very few individuals who have sociopathic tendencies and parts of their brain do not allow them to empathise but the majority can be re-educated. Once this process is complete they will become an asset to society and no longer a burden.

By letting go of the hate we have in our hearts we instantly improve our own personal health and the environment around us. I sometimes wonder how many paedophiles, rapists and other potential felons would be more willing to seek help and come forward if society wasn’t so intent on seeing them suffer. Is that hatred in your heart helping the situation or contributing towards it and its being hidden from plain view so we can’t address it.

Here’s the interview with Tyson Fury, he is peaking from his heart and will probably get into trouble for it.

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