The Universal Truths and Principles that we are all searching for.

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Here we go again with another article on one of my favourite subjects, the truth. I have already written two articles on it, one called The Truth and the other called The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The truth.

In them I discussed the way we perceive reality through our five senses and how the information we received goes through filters and information is deleted, distorted and generalised on the way in and on the way out when we try to communicate our model of the world to others. Our model or maps of the world are incomplete. In NLP we believe that no one person can ever know the whole truth but we do believe there is an actual reality out there.

As expressions of the universal consciousness who experience this reality under the illusory veil that we are in fact separate individuals who are not connected we all experience something different. To that end the true meaning of life the universe and everything is purely existential, nihilistic and paradoxically divine at the same time. The only meaning anything truly has is the meaning we chose give to it. But in that paradox is the fact that there are certain universal principles that perpetuate through time and space.

Science, religion and philosophy all attempt to define these divine principles from a different perspective. Universal laws that are unbreakable and form the structure of our universe. The problem is that just one narrow perspective or viewpoint can lead to a dogmatic view that lacks depth. The reason human beings have two eyes is because with only one we could not gauge depth. If you don’t believe me try driving your car with one hand over your eye (Please don’t actually try that!) The more viewpoints we have the greater our depth of understanding and the closer we get to seeing the divine truth. Maybe that is the meaning of life? Maybe the one divine consciousness that encompasses all that is, in a quest to know our self, found a way of creating the illusion of separation so we could all have our own unique experience and perspective. Then when we have returned to the source from which we all came all these experiences and new found knowledge are assimilated into the whole. The illusory veil is lifted and we return home to discover that we never really left but our universal consciousness is elevated to a new level of understanding.

The ancient Egyptians believed we have twelve senses, not just five. Maybe over the years these have fallen in disuse due to our journey away from the source and our true nature. A saying that may or may not be a universal truth is that “If you don’t use it you lose it”. Maybe we have not totally lost it and they are just lying dormant ready to be re-awakened and enrich our experiential lives. How much closer to actual reality would our models of the world be with these extra senses?

As a truth seeker my journey has included the research into many fields including NLP, psychology, metaphysics, quantum physics, astro physics, spirituality, philosophy, religion, mysticism, the occult, ancient myths and beliefs, sacred geometry, martial arts and many more. After a while you begin to notice common themes running through things. When you identify them these are the universal principles that we are looking for. They need to be refined and empirically tested as if they can’t be replicated by others and are consistently repeatable then it is clearly not a hard and fast rule. The theory is not complete. The truth maybe in there but you need to hack away at it like a sculptor until you strip away all that is inessential and reveal the closet version of the truth you can find.

One fundamental belief I have established is that consciousness moulds our world. Everything in existence was created by thought. “Where focus goes energy flows” The greater divine consciousness that we are all part of created everything that you are aware of and not aware of. As individual sparks of that divine consciousness we are the masters of our own mini universes creating our own environment. Obviously this throws up many juxtaposes when an individual’s personal beliefs are incongruent with actual reality and the divine laws. When this happens suffering invariably occurs but this is the universes way of teaching us and bringing us into line and harmony. Another interesting juxtaposition is when two individual consciousness’s come up against each other. I wrote about this in my article The Way of the Warrior.

All these experience serve the greater whole and enrich our understanding of divine self and the true nature of reality. That’s enough of meanderings for now and thank you for reading, good bye until my next blog.

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