The Way of the Warrior

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In this blog I am going to be talking about one of the most misunderstood paths of development out there. I am going to be talking about combat and specifically those who engage in it.

Along life’s journey there are many paths, some are slow and winding others are harsh and steep. The way of the warrior is the latter. For those who can endure the hardships, great progress to the top of the mountain can be made at a far quicker rate than the slow and winding road. 

So something happens when two expressions of the infinite consciousness collide in a battle of wills on the field of combat. From the battlefields of Thermopylae and Agincourt to the sands of the Colosseum and the squared circle at Madison Square Gardens and the Octagon of the UFC humans have engaged in combat. When two wills collide and any academic debate or dialogue is finished, then there is only one course of action for two beings whose intent is diametrically opposed. This is the base level and the one with the strongest will, will impose theirs on the other with violence. If we truly are spiritual beings having a human experience and come here to grow through our experiences then this workout we call combat is the ultimate learning curve.

“The way of the warrior is not for everybody but everybody can learn something from it”

Although in most cases violence can begin a downward spiral for those involved, there are times when only the most ardent pacifist would argue against the use of force. Common law allows reasonable force to defend yourself and it is disrespectful to the men and women who have died fighting against tyranny to suggest that violence is “never the answer”. This is often the utterance of people who are just repeating what they heard because they are in fact physical cowards.

To the uninitiated prize fighting can appear brutal, barbaric and the past time of mindless thugs. Others consider it the noble art, the sweet science by highly intelligent men. Both are paradoxically true and can apply separately as it has many aspects to it.

So what about the prize fighter? What reason could they have for doing it? Well there are negative and positive aspects to fighters that I have noticed over the years so I will list some of my observations here?


Respectful and fair play, you agree to meet your opponent on a level playing field. Through the discipline and regimen of training you learn qualities such as fortitude, resilience, courage and overcoming that base emotion that is fear. Any fighter will tell you that sitting in the changing room before a fight is one of the most nerve wracking and scary of their life. Probably not far off from going to the gallows. Your unconscious mind is still stuck in primal hunter gatherer mode and wants to avoid a fight like the plague because it thinks you risk being injured and then not being able to hunt or fend for yourself. It works overdrive to make you feel nervous and try and put you off from going through with it. Over time you learn to control that fear rather than let the fear control you. This improves confidence and can filter through your whole life.


Can sometimes be used to cover up the fact that we are a scared little child inside. We are just trying to project an image of ourselves that we want the world to see so they can’t see how scared we are. Mike Tyson has admitted to this about his younger self, much to the surprise of the uninitiated. Fear attracts the weak and many are drawn in. This can lead to inflated egos which normally leads to a big fall.

One of the great things about combat is that it is bullshit and politics free. In life in general it can take time for some people to receive their comeuppance and they can appear to dodge the bullet for years. You can’t fool anyone because if you haven’t put the work in the gym you WILL be found out! It is an arena where justice and karma speeds up and is almost instant. Watch this video and you will understand what I mean

One thing all great fighters have in common is their personal philosophies. From Sun Tzu to Bruce Lee to Muhammad Ali the belief system has always been the fuel that drives them. Cus Damato,the great boxing trainer who trained Mike Tyson instilled his philosophy in his students. He used to say that there has to be a spark and from that spark he would nurture it until it became a flame. Then he would fuel and fan that flame until it was a raging inferno. It comes from a deep understanding of yourself and the universe forged in the fires of combat. All martial arts have there philosophy possibly best exemplified by the oriental martial arts and codes like Bushido.

The fight itself is a metaphor for so many aspects of life. That’s why we have so many metaphors like  

·         I’m in your corner

·         Throw the towel in

·         Backs against the ropes

·         You’ve been knocked down not out

Life for many is a struggle and a fight played out over a longer peiod of time.

Ultimately though this biggest misunderstanding of combat is that it is two separate entities fighting each other. Ultimately if you believe in the unity and oneness of the universe then all struggle is a self-struggle. You see the conflict only ends when an individual yields to the scream of their body to stop. Only that individual can decide when that is. It is always a conscious choice.

More and more people are taking up the martial arts for the positive benefits it’s brings physically, psychologically and emotionally. Maybe you should give it a try?!!

I will leave the final words to the one and only Rocky Balboa………..

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