Content Creation: Tips On How To Begin

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"What kind of content should I create? What if it's not good enough? I don't feel like I have anything of value to offer the world. What is my 'voice'?"

Does this sound like you?  This inner dialogue has plagued me plenty in the not-so-distant past! Thanks to my mentors and a physical and digital library full of self development books, audiobooks, podcasts... I've begun to gain some insights.

                                 If you've studied self-development at all, and specifically Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert, you will recognize the influenceundefined they've had on me and how my strategies are shaped by some of them.

Here’s some of what I’ve learned so far;

Find your own Voice

Create content that you find interesting or fascinating because, odds are, there are others in the world who will find it interesting and fascinating as well.  Create content that you care about and helping people will be a side effect of that. I believe it's the only way you will create content from your authentic, true self. And the very practice of creating the content will bring out your own Voice.

Practice Passion

Practice ‘passion’ in everything that you do, right from the moment you jump out of bed in the morning. As you’re brushing your teeth, look yourself in the eye in the mirror and passionately recite your affirmations. When you’re cleaning out your garage, cooking dinner, or walking the dog, do it with passion.   Love what you’re doing, love who you are doing it with, and live out your content.  Then when you are creating, no matter the topic, it will radiate love to others and that will make them better. Your zest for life will be palpable and, quite frankly, it’s a much more fun way to live. 

Be Ready For The Shit Sandwich

Deciding to become an Entrepreneur is a wonderful, fun, fulfilling endeavor.  But even the most fulfilling occupation will come with, what author Elizabeth Gilbert calls a “shit sandwich”.   She says “finding your true purpose is really about deciding which flavor of shit sandwich you are really in for”. Because every pursuit, no matter how noble, or glamorous, or important to you… No matter how much you feel like you were born to do it, I guarantee you it comes with a shit sandwich.undefined  Those less-than-pleasant aspects of your chosen path.  For me, the shit sandwich is learning some of the technical skills that, apart from recognizing their usefulness, bring me all of ZERO satisfaction.  My sandwich includes a smathering of fear and self-doubt, as well as a dollop of impatience as I wait for my business to gain some traction and take off. Oh, and in the beginning, it comes with a side of I-spend-all-my-free-time-at-the-computer until it does!

Is It Worth It? 

The question then should not be “what do I want in my life”. But instead, what do I want so much, and so badly that I’m willing to eat whatever shit sandwich that comes along with that thing”. Do what you have to do now to pay the bills. But don’t let fear keep you from pursuing your dream. Whenever you are tasting the shit sandwich, focus on the end result… your desired outcome.  Persevere and do “the thing” because you believe in it and believe in your dream.

Maybe 'Perfection' is an 'Imperfection' 

Drop the idea that every piece of content has to be perfect every time. The experts say quality is more important than quantity when it comes to content. Of course you want it to be good. Pour your heart into it and give it all you’ve got while you are creating.  But there is no progress in perfection. Don’t let the need for perfection stop you from even getting started. Done is better than perfect.

YOU Are A Work In Progress 

If you struggle to create content for your business either because you think that your cundefinedontent may not be relevant enough or written well enough, or you don’t feel like you know what your ‘voice’ is yet, do it anyway because it is in the process of the creativity and the doing of the thing that your own growth happens.   Rather than thinking of the content you're creating as being your project… You have to let your creativity and your authenticity shine through your content because IT has YOU as a project. You are being changed as a result of it. I love this idea. In other words, whatever you’re working on in the moment, take it very seriously. Give it your all… 100%. And then when you’re done, trust that it is, in fact, done. And then move on to the next thing. Don’t dwell on whether or not it’s good enough.

Did you do your best? Then trust.

Turn to the next idea and begin the research and the creative process all over again. . And each time you do this, your content will become ever more relevant, ever more creative, and of a higher-quality because you, yourself are becoming a more relevant, more creative, and higher-quality entrepreneur in the process.

Isn't that comforting?

How do YOU tackle content creation?  Share your ideas in the comments below.  

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