Too busy? No, I deliberately don’t care.

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Too busy? No, I deliberately didn’t care.

We spend hours on the social media, viewing, surfing, commenting the posts we like, even more the posts we don’t. From the morning we wake up we hold our phones in our hands, with a sleep still in our eyes, hardly see the screen, but we don’t wanna miss a thing. Too nosy not to find out what our 700+ friends on facebook and their friends been up to.


Really, how could you go on with your day in the office without a gossip? Without knowing where your friends or ex dined last night and particularly what? It might have looked like it had been processed once before already, but everybody seemed to have liked it. Sixty comments are the proof. Takes you about ten minutes to decide whether to click the Like button too, because frankly, you don’t like it a bit, but you don’t wanna look like a jealous twat, ‘cos everybody else seemed to have liked it and your friend might notice your LIKE is missing. You are trapped.

Or you don’t click anything but unfollow button if not directly unfriend button, and make a public statement you deliberately don’t care. Right in the face of some unhappy friends that do care, or don’t care but too scared to admit it. And later on in the day you will have to face it and answer why.

Did you see the post from…..?

Well, it is ok to answer NO, I deliberately chose to avoid it. I actually chose to go through my setting and set strict filters to receive only posts I could really be interested in and might have a value to me. I had time for that. So no, I didn’t see the post of fake smiles this time and some sort of pizzas, that looked like they were without a base.

So let’s face it.


We would find time if we really really wanted to, we would go as far as setting up a fake account just to be able to find somebody and see...

We always have time to wish a friend a happy birthday via message, it takes about 10 seconds.

We always have enough time to answer their message, even if to acknowledge it only and to say thanks.

We always have enough time to answer the email, even if to say I get back to you another time, I need to think about it.

It is a basic courtesy and within very basic education to, at least, acknowledge the person’s effort. If we don’t, we simply wanted to avoid them as we deliberately don’t care and any later explanations and stories as: sorry, I was too busy that day or I didn’t see it, or I lost your contact as my phone died on me, well, they are nothing but excuses.

You know it anyway…and I know it too ;-)


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