What are narcissists' weaknesses?

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What are narcissists' weaknesses?

I believe we need to continuously be acknowledging one anothers talents and good qualities in general and as for a narcissist this would help them to put focus back on themselves and help them to find their purpose in life. Its just that the facade of confidence shown in them is so alluring, you don't even know they need so much in-depth nurturing, validation etc. Its almost a conundrum in itself.

Once comfortable in a relationship we often forget to encourage, praise and openly show gratitude, this is when these type of people will inwardly get bored or resentful to you because you may be inwardly confident but them not so much. Mostly they like to be part of whats going on, involved in latest happenings everywhere or they feel they will be forgotten, so they create allusions, games, devaluing etc. Its all about being at the front seat or worry they may fade away so better to manipulate and stay on top than to be too late, left as side kick or left behind, or be second best. Its about survival of fittest.

They will use you to practice punch lines, bullying etc for the unknown worldly encounters. Watch out for all those make no sense, odd, misplaced problems, questions, situations. They are checking, practicing or testing on you. Ignore totally.

They feel if the facade were to drop, they are a nobody, and will not be valued. They would rather be seen as a meany, a bully than a nobody, at least than they have a personality of some kind. If they see you as better than them and others may know this appealing side of you than they will find ways to remove you from the scene or make you lose your confidence, hence not much of you in the scene then. More limelight on them.

If you see these tendencies, first try to realize you will need to be emotionally very available, and always be praising, encouraging, supporting them towards their dreams, aspirations, inner goals, [ must help them to find these too.] . But the belief that they are truly empty is to be acknowledged by you, not confront with them in a hasty manner and know they are mirroring you to feel reassured of their wrong doings if you are showing weaknesses in your character they will come back many folds larger and mightier. Your own negatives manifesting in front of you [ one Quoran said this and it shook me bad but its so true.]

While lifting them you must really be strong minded, confident, emotionally intelligent to withstand their nonsense too. At first your like a mentor, later they will see you as a great enlivener, a true supporter, that deeply wants them to reach their potential and they will begin valuing you and trusting you. They may deny or resist but be firm and kind and insist you do not tolerate openly or discreet bullying and know how it is hard for them etc.

Its like you have to help them find their base good qualities and build up a better personality on a deeper level. But you must stand your ground of confidence and not wither else they will be ready with their demeaning show, to put you in your place and show, you too are just a show, changing when the going gets tough. They don't want to be a weakling and don't like weaklings. So then your a punchbag. Be confident, bully them back if thats what it requires, don't let them off. They will begin to melt infront of all the kindness and nonjudgmental you.

Be like a good counsellor encouraging, praising, being kind etc. Its not rocket science to know how to make a child feel better and we all know these lot are not much older than a little child mentally or emotionally.

So if you are truly feeling courageous ready to change the world one person at time, more like one child at a time stay tuned with them and show them what you got. True confidence.

Work on yourself as much hard because they are children mirroring you. So what examples are you setting for them and they notice all your micro-negative-bloopers. [ Its you, you do that too, what about you etc, etc it must mean something .]

Know thyself and you will know everything.

So what are the weaknesses? Well maybe we should look within ourselves first before we make a judgement or analysis.

Who I AM really? and Don't give me the punch line “I am that I am”.


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