What nobody told you about being Self-employed.

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Being Self-employed is like trying to be a company of 100 people by yourself. After seeing first-hand what being self-employed looked like for the last 7 years, no matter the industry in which you are on, it will be ruthless and frustrating. You must do everything yourself, get your employees for specific works, invest in equipment, invest in transport, build a reputation of high quality and professionalism, and personally get in touch with new potential customers, all of this done either just by you or you and a partner! The irony is that, we have entered a digital and technology led years but I still see small business owners like handyman services, gardening services, cleaning services and other services of this kind, with no intentions of expanding their audience reach by creating an online hub for their company, or having a powerful online presence to help their business grow without having to rely on word of mouth, recommendations, newspaper advertisement (which is so expensive nowadays! And ineffective!). If you are a small business owner or self-employed with your own list of clients in a specific area but you are struggling to grow your clientele, this is going to help you grow.

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Think about it, every person that would require your services is online right now, and if not was online yesterday. The online world is full of people looking for your services but they can’t find you and never will if you don’t give them a place to go online. Read this quick stat, ‘People make 3.1 billion google searches on google every day’. Now is simply your job to find out (on google as well) how many people are searching up for your specific service and now you have found your target audience online… That was easy! Let me ask you a couple of questions, does your business have a website? Does your business have an active and interactive social media? Do you invest in online advertisement in platforms like google and Facebook?   Simply do a quick checklist, these are very basic questions that should’ve all been answered with a yes, but no worries if you didn’t, now you know what it is lacking.

On the other hand, a great thing the online world allows you to do is save time! In fact, if you decide to take on this skill of marketing your business online, you will gain access to so many potential clients that you could simply send two people to work while you stay at home, marketing your business services. The most asset promoting your business online is that with the right training, tools, and sales funnel, you can in a short amount of time completely automate your marketing and gain for once FREEDOM. I call it turning freedom mode on! Learn How I did it here.

The biggest reason I believe so many business owners don’t invest in formal online marketing training is because they either think you need to be some sort of computer genius or that is too expensive, or think of marketing online doesn’t really work or some other nonsense! If I am completely honest I believe is better for someone to start their online marketing training when having no experience at all, as it allows them to build a good foundation and a greater understanding overall. In terms of cost, they vary so try and find the best you can for your budget and if anyone ever tells me it doesn’t work its simply an outrageous statement given the fact that the biggest company online and second richest in the world has made their fortune through online advertisement. Google.

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Efrain Herrera.