To Blog or not to Blog, that is the question

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Why Blog?

When I first embarked on my affiliate marketing journey with SFM, content blog marketing strategy was the furthest thing on my mind. To be honest I’d only ever heard of it and wasn’t even sure what a blog was. I thought, position myself in Elite + , send a Facebook boost leading people to the landing page and the money would roll in. …… X Wrong answer.

Advertising is EXPENSIVE, and unless you are positioned in DEA and have an unlimited advertising budget, DON’T go down that route as you will NOT get your return on investment and you will feel very depressed and frustrated and resentful and sorry for yourself and judgemental and broke!!! .

Forget about the easy get rich quick aspirations you might have had. It takes money to make money & that’s the oldest rule in the book. Yes you can get lucky early on but will you be able to maintain that level? Probably Not.

The reason why SFM put in a disclaimer is exactly for the reason that online marketing is by all means not easy, no matter who you choose to affiliate or market for. It is though “do able”, and as long as you keep working on yourself (self improvement), have the tolerance and patience of a saint, and a NEVER EVER give up attitude. Your meta story and niche have to be solid and you HAVE TO be prepared for multiple failures and set backs on the way no matter what your strategy is.

I’m only 90 days on my journey with SFM and it has been an eye opener to say the least. The internet is vast and overwhelming, and I am the least tech savvy person I know, so the How is ever evasive, and that’s before I even start marketing. I’ve chosen to go down the free to low cost route, as that is what I can afford and content blog marketing strategy is my chosen one.

To date I’ve written 41 blogs and as I am still learning about this, am not sure if I am doing them right or not, but I am picking up tips as I go along. The main purpose is to give value to your chosen niche.

My niche is me, so I write what I feel I’d like to hear. I’m not into techno jargon or “how to instruction manuals”, or the workings of the web. I write what I feel passionate about, what is going on for me. I suggest to anyone who decides to blog, to do the same and go with your passion. You won’t make money fast but you will in time get yourself known and it keeps you consistent.

My advice to you is to take your time, there is no hurry, it’s not a race. Go through all the modules carefully, do everything that is suggested and like me DON’T rush ahead of yourself. I’ve had to go back over all the modules again as I missed vital parts which have tripped me up further down the line. Oh and as tedious as they may seem, do the bonus short training courses, even if you get the answers wrong, you’ll learn something.

If you choose to go down the free to low cost route other options to content blog marketing strategy are video, podcasts and forums. I’m not there yet as far as podcasts and forums, but I am on day 68 of the 90 Day Video Challenge. Once that is complete and I’ve learned a few more tricks on how to make videos, then that will also be a strategy for me. I’ll tell you more about it when I get there. DON’T ask me about websites, as I’m very confused on those at this time.

I've highlighted a lot of don'ts, but this is a DO programme and can work. The main thing though for me is to be easy on myself, never give up, and do believe that this will work, even if the HOW is still vague. The internet is here and it’s not going away and it is the future. Become part of it for you own sake.

If you want to experience this journey for yourself then click the link below and avail of the free 7 day introduction videos, or you can leave a comment or if you want to be alerted of more blogs from me, click the blue box.

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