What content can I present to my audience? You!

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When I first began out blogging I was always wondering what I would blog about. Coming from a researcher point of view. I had had some serious grooming with my former lecturers about being original and how to research for a paper. I knew this was going to be one of those drills where you have read over 100 peer-reviewed papers before you can even think you have a concept.

I was actually dreading this, the thought of keeping up with that kind of pressure made me feel like sinking in the chair I was sitting in at that time. ''Wait!'', I heard a voice in my head say firmly. ''Are you telling me we have to go through this kind of drill again? Maybe this is not for us after all because if you ar thinking of keeping your audience interested twice a day you better come up with some sort of work plan to make this happen"

It was not long before many more thoughts begun to invade my space, all the while trying to learn from an online webinar. It was a frenzy inside my head and I know the same could be for someone out there. The question of what am I going to write was quite a burden until I got some answers now I enjoy writing and when I begin I get in the zone, just like right now.

So how do we answer this question of content? What should I present as content to my potential market?

The product you present to your market is you. I know that is a mouthful but it is the truth. There is so much that you have to offer that you are underestimating. Some of your prized possessions are:

  1. Failures: we all learn from mistakes and grow better but it is even better if you can learn from someone else's mistakes and have a leap forward. Sharing your failures is valuable to the world this is because they are unique to the choices you made a person.
  2. Aspirations: talking about your aspirations. Goals also, your likes dislikes and reasons why. Your personal opinions will make sense to some people and not to others. Picking an avatar that resonates with such will help you be yourself.
  3. Story: your story is also packed with many ups and downs. Seeing that we are not trending towards a life online sometimes it feels like the people behind the screen are not real humans. When you share your story you get a chance to engage people who resonate with what you are talking about.

If you really take some time to look at this objectively there is so much you can share to the masses that people would appreciate. The most important concept or aspect of the content is if it has value.

If you add value to your content then it will attract the right readers. I have told stories of my life experiences that have got over 100 views. I was surprised in the beginning who would read such but the internet has so many types of people doing so many things. Your content could be that inspiration that saves someone's life, business and others.

The other concept you need to get used to is that you have your own voice. The way you say things and also the way you understand them is unique to many. Have you ever done one of those puzzles where they ask you to find an object in an abstract picture?

The object is shown normally contains multiple pictures. You are able to see one of the pics and so do others. You may even argue that the other person is wrong just because you don't see what they see. It is just a matter of perception. Your perceptions can help others be able to learn new thing so don't think your voice doesn't matter.

Go ahead write your first story today, if you need a community to support you and also help train you further on what to expect, how to attract the right people. How to blog, or vlog consider joining us by clicking the banner below. You will be able to access study material that I am sure you won't regret having.

Thanks you for reading.

Till later!

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